September 14+16+24, 2020
Much updates, very wow!
Gorgeous renders with Giselle and Jana plus mini updates to help you survive this sad year. 
>We need more Jana Render
>Uncensored Giselle Render
>Mini Update

September 1, 2020
Door Frame Height Tricks
I did some nostalgia rebuilding and then I've been haunted by one question, how tall are the door frames in my stories?
>Whatever, come for Vanessa's Renders!

August 5, 2020
One Map to Find them All!
The path through the Giantess Dream is gorgeous and full of distractions... are you sure you have seen all my creations? Here's a map with all I have online.
>Follow the Giantess Bunny (^.^)

July 30, 2020
Domina's Valley Bundle 4
The 4th bundle of Domina's Valley comes with 7 chapters and 25% discount covering the season of love and lust: Spring! Better later than never...
>Buy it HERE

July 18, 2020
Future grows closer 

A little update on what's going on and how I feel the works will continue after the break. Plus one sweet picture and video of gorgeous girls.
>Read at my DeviantArt

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