May 22, 2021
Giantess Dream 2 Release
The young Peter Tyson went to Countryside city and learned with his professor that Red Head girls rule :D.
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April 24, 2021
The legend begins, now in HD
The remakes of Cheap Tricks has begun, it is time to make justice to all the love we invested in this series :D.
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April 8, 2021
A New Giantess Library
The time has come to begin hosting my own free content... but partnerships are still welcome ^^.
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April 4, 2021
The Smile of the Witch
When you grow up you will understand why a witch is the best girl. Meanwhile, check the Schedule for the next months :D
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April 2, 2021
April Boobs 2021
What, did you think I would simply let me milk go? Nope. It was funny though ^^'
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April 1, 2021
Cheap Tricks 4O
One night and everything is gone as the lives of the Gianne girls become chaos...
>Where is it?

March 20, 2021
Domina's Valley 26
After a crazy night, morning dawns again. It looks like everything is back to normal, isn't it? I don't think so...
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March 13, 2021
Here we grow again!
Yes, this is it, we're going to have some remakes, and the first one is the chapter where the dream begins. Patrons get a texted preview with a couple of pages :D
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March 12, 2021

It is Time... Timeline ;)
I'm reorganizing the stories universe as I write the new seasons. Wanna take a look?


February 20, 2021
Cheap Tricks 39
After a long time preparing the universe I've come with a small pilot chapter for Season 4. Wake up and take a look!  
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February 13, 2021
Domina's Valley 26 Preview
I'm testing this Patreon thing: This time with a 12 page preview of the next chapter of Domina's Valley. Come and take a look! 
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January 23, 2021
Giantess Dream 1 Released
Time to unveil the secrets of the past and begin merging the worlds of Cheap Tricks and Domina's Valley in a same timeline! 
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January 18, 2021
Patreon Launch and Teaser
The giantesses roots lie in the past... and I won't lie to you how exciting I am by finishing the first lore chapter! 
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January 7, 2021
Did you miss her?
Marina Lara Maison, your favorite villainess has come out so you can take a look at her gorgeous self!
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December 24, 2020
Take a walk with her
Imagine her coming and passing trough you... Like it? What about watching it happen in an animation? 
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December 6, 2020
Final Update 2020 + Teasers
The end is near... of the year, I mean. So is out wait too!  
>Final Update
>Teaser Shorts
>Teaser Remake
>Teaser Season 4

September 14+16+24, 2020
Much updates, very wow!
Gorgeous renders with Giselle and Jana plus mini updates to help you survive this sad year. 
>We need more Jana Render
>Uncensored Giselle Render
>Mini Update

September 1, 2020
Door Frame Height Tricks
I did some nostalgia rebuilding and then I've been haunted by one question, how tall are the door frames in my stories?
>Whatever, come for Vanessa's Renders!

August 5, 2020
One Map to Find them All!
The path through the Giantess Dream is gorgeous and full of distractions... are you sure you have seen all my creations? Here's a map with all I have online.
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July 30, 2020
Domina's Valley Bundle 4
The 4th bundle of Domina's Valley comes with 7 chapters and 25% discount covering the season of love and lust: Spring! Better later than never...
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July 18, 2020
Future grows closer 

A little update on what's going on and how I feel the works will continue after the break. Plus one sweet picture and video of gorgeous girls.
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