Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

News and random thoughts, November 2th, 2018

Real life is though, nobody said it was going to be easy.

The thing is that when we work hard and do the right thing we sleep well and stuff can't go wrong. At let not all wrong, lol.

Anyway, I'm pretty busy with real life stuff and I'm happy that everything is happening more or less as it should despite those little surprises here and there, I'm preparing to some important changes in the next year and GTS is all in with it.

Patreon? Who knows. 
New story? Probably not yet. 
New seasons of CT or DV that are about to end? Big thoughts about it. 
Health? Almost ok now.
Life? Improving slowly.
Going back to GTS anytime soon? I'm making tests as always...

Yeap this is their actual height, no shoes.

Season 3 of CT is ending like more of its always been, a blend of sketches I've been thinking that sometimes look like rushed, even with the crazy hard work for making it , all my fault because I want to picture every crazy idea of longtime awaken dreams I had for it, it's almost done in its essence, maybe one day I can rescript it to look like a real story but, whatever, I love it the way it is  but, next season? Yeah, I need a proper story now, and a new villainess, and a ton of research because they are in a real world like environment that will change for a new world order kind of story... shit, will CT run forever? Who knows it.

There is also the side works on CT, I still want to remake season 1 and 2, plus side project I'm revising... 

Also, I've been in deep thoughts about how to proceed with Domina's Valley because chapter 24 will be a kind of "end" to its first cycle, maybe only cycle? I mean, someone is going to make a big mess, I'm worried because I'd need at least 2 chapters to do what I want, and I'm kinda obsessed with DV Progression because I want it to be "just right", I mean, only 6 chapters per season so we have one year after 4 seasons. Am I a psycho? 

The point is, after that I would need to introduce another ton of characters and scenarios and, don't take me wrong, I can't even picture all growing girls anymore because I have only 6 chapters per season and I'm planning to bring another army of growing giantesses with mothers and daughters in whatever is going to be the next season, I mean, do you really think Jessy's and Nicole's mothers just quit growing because they're older? Nope, they didn't. There's a freaking new world to explore that is burning in my mind to be materialized.

Maybe even a 6 chapter extra season to introduce them and show how the last 4 seasons made them grow? I don't know...

Only a 10 or 12 chapter season would fix this. Wow, that would be big... I'd need years to finish a season. Unless I quit everything else... But I get hyped when I think about the characters I have in store and all the ideas... and crazy role reversals... and growth contests. I can't decide about Giselle's mother and/or grandma to be shown because of lore relativism and, shit, this is making me crazy because of the titanic titty possibilities (  .  )(  .  ) ! 

Oh, did you guys see this?

Anyway, stuff is going good, I needed to unburden this to you guys, I would appreciate your thoughts on the comments too.

Keep dreaming.

Domina's Valley Chapter 22 Follow Up

Here we go for another exciting and torturing follow up for the next chapter of Domina's Valley:


I'm tired of your bullshit!

New year, new workstation, new atitude. And yeah, fuck off shitty models.

I was avoiding doing this but, after all the time and the problems it brought me I'm making interventions in the meshes of models that were bothering me - at least the ones that were consuming more time in postwork and/or were avoiding me to take some angles.

Of course, I won't spend tons of time remaking all stuff, what I will do is calculate and take a bit more of time to fix "defective" models and borrow objects from other scenes to use as standard ones in the scenes.

One of the old examples was Jack's car whose base model had "wholes" in it, that I unfortunately have no copy since I overwrote the file itself, then we have Domina's Valley clock, that was tweaked with real moving arrows and the lockers what had those freaking lines crossing it - this one I've remade the model and used a crazy workflow with Poser in the middle to keep it's simplicity as a single object - fuck off D|S content creator kit, u suck!

Haven't I done adjustments in models earlier?
Yes, but those were simpler, I'm messing with the 3D base model now in an agresive way.

Will I take more time to it to deliver comics?
Yes, at first, when fixes need to be done.
BUT it will save a ton of time every time I use the specific model again, and I reuse a lot of my scenes, then, it's a win/win scenario.

Let's make on thing clear: I do not blame the original creators of the models because at that time most of them didn't had the tools I have now for auto fixing/trobleshooting some issues or drawing the mesh as easily as people do in modern programs, also, Poser is much more tolerant with meshes than D|S on rendering, so, that's it :P

Cheap Tricks 16 Follow Up

Follow the giantesses, I promise it won't take 16 weeks (I hope :P)


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