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In one of the many realities, lies an Earth ruled by stretchy strings that hold the balance of reality, deeply bound with nature.

The continents have formed. This Earth has more land, and still, more water.

Many kingdoms have risen and fallen: the balance has been broken and restored, more than once.

GIANTESS DREAM 1 - The Queen's Dream
The queen invites someone for quest of the prophecy.

GIANTESS DREAM 4 - The path of the Overseer
We know a little more about the Overseers, the hidden arm of the Queen's Domain. / A special someone ask for a permission for the Queen as the legends are becoming true.

GIANTESS DREAM 2 - Scarlet Hook
Professor Stanley Widefield teaches at Countryside City University. Some of his students are Martha Vanessa, Wendy Wintergreen, Rebecca Jordan and the freshman Peter Tyson. Most of them are forming new families soon.

About 2 decades Ago
Peter Tyson isolates himself, gets the "Ice Cube" nickname, enrolls sports, workouts and and dive into stydying on his free time.

About 8 years Ago
Anthony moves to work for a fashion Brand, Maison&Maison.
About 5 years Ago
Anthony meets the owner's daughter, later Vanessa 

CHEAP TRICKS 1 - It is just a Cheap Trick
Marina begins dating Tony and Vanessa decides to return to Countryside City, her former home.

GIANTESS DREAM 3 - Realities Collide
Vanessa enrolls her daughters and meet Peter Tyson teaching at their old University. Audrey and Phoebe meet Wendy. The search for "Cheap Tricks" begins!

About 3 to 1 year ago
Audrey and Phoebe researche Cheap Tricks.

Begins in the 2nd half of Giantess Dream 4 and procedes to stuff that happens weeks before they're back at Gianness City.

CHEAP TRICKS 2 - A Tricky Comeback
With a successful research, Audrey returns with her family to Gianness City for her mother to have another try at Tony. As failure follows, it is decided she will use all her Cheap Tricks on her mother in a crazy revenge plan.

    CHEAP TRICKS 3 - The Growth Begins
Audrey and Phoebe go hardcore on the growth treatment for Vanessa.

    CHEAP TRICKS 4 - Growth at Ron's
Vanessa goes to the gym and meets an old friend.

    CHEAP TRICKS 5 - Cheat-Tricks
Tony get's cheated.

    CHEAP TRICKS 6 - Sweet Revenge
The girls grow a lot and Vanessa is now dating Tony. End of Season 1.

    CHEAP TRICKS 7 - The plan C
The girls finally visit Ron's Gym. 

    CHEAP TRICKS 8 - The Pepper Factor
Vanessa and Jessica arrive in town.

    CHEAP TRICKS 9 - Recruitment Disaster
The wrong girls grow...

    CHEAP TRICKS 10 - Shorties and Giantesses
Phoebe has a date with Mike, Vanessa and Karina meet home

    CHEAP TRICKS 11 - Growth Training
Audrey hipnotize the girls for making Cheap Tricks to work

    CHEAP TRICKS 12 - The Lab Rat
Milk went to the wrong person

    CHEAP TRICKS 13 - Devilish Consequences
Audrey shows up the results of her Cheap Tricks and end up making the girls even more.

    CHEAP TRICKS 14 - Little Dream Break
Tony dreams of Phoebe. He tired.

    CHEAP TRICKS 15 - Growth at the Pool
Mel got some big boost at her growth.

    CHEAP TRICKS 16 - Monday Madness
Time to use Karina's special powers... making it all a big mess.

    CHEAP TRICKS 17 - Growing out of control
When the big Gianne Girls come together, the smaller one plays a big role on their sizes changing.

    CHEAP TRICKS 18 - Dating Mission
Vanessa and Tony go out for some beer. Vanessa's anger grows her a lot while Karina plays Debra into growing even more!

    CHEAP TRICKS 19 - Too Much Pepper
Karina plays firther on their sizes at Vanessa's house.

    CHEAP TRICKS 20 - Chaos Goddess
Girls in Cheap Tricks have the biggest Growth spurts.

   CHEAP TRICKS 41 - Chaotic Fallout
Flashback showing what happened after the big growth, introducing Allan, the bar owner, Karina's old friend.

   DOMINA'S VALLEY 1 - Professor Tyson's Prologue
Mid summer, Peter Tyson accepts the invitation to teach in a very special University in the Valley.

Professor Stanley is at Extended vacation to take care of personal issues.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 2 - The Might of Jessy
Jessy teases.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 3 - Theory of Boobs Evolution
Giselle begins her work for seducing Mr. Tyson (Peter). Jessy is wearing the Goddess Mark that makes Tyson dream of her growing. (Necklaces: 1-Goddess Mark)

*Trial at Gianness City.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 4 - Monique by the Trash Can
Monique's parents are not rich, so she need to work half period. In this chapter we introduce Mr. Gordon, a veteran in the logistics field, his very broken relative Vivian, Sweet Jana and the guy who is working abroad, Alex.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 5 - The Game of the Century
Stan returns from his Vacation and meet Tyson. He mentions the suspicion Veronica may be a witch (that she is).

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 6 - Welcome to Domina's Valley
Veronica enlists Giselle's underdeveloped sister Patricia to work under her "cult" while Peter Tyson finds himself inside a harén of overdeveloped girls, meeting the massive Ysadora (Miss Domina).

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 7 - The fall of the Queen
Jessy seems to have severely slowed growth for years while other girls keep growing. The Autumn's Whispers call for the fall of a Queen so another will rise. A titty queen for intance :P

I need time.
Around DV chapter 7 someone from Gianness City is traveling to rethink her life. She makes some new accuaintances and, perhaps, some new enemies ;D.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 8 - Familiar Issues
While Patricia tries to rivalize with her sister, Buck Gordon's step-sister Eden become legal and comes to office to work with the team. She is a shy girl with an overdeveloped brain. And boobs.

    CHEAP TRICKS 21 - A Gift From Nature
Happens on a a large space of time, Vanessa has been shrinking down for a while, suddenly she is back growing (related to next chapter of Domina's Valley). 

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 9 - Sweet Nightmares
Tyson and Giselle manage to activate some kind of magical trigger that brings back water to an old mountain and to other places of the surrounding pools (About the same time that Cheap Tricks season 3 begins and Vanessa is back growing). 
(Deities: 1-The Goddess / 
Necklaces: 1-Goddess Mark)

    CHEAP TRICKS 22 - Operation GTS
Audrey formulates a new idea to keep growing and get rich out of it. Karina's trigger has changed.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 10 - The Fountain of Growth
The water pools are full again as growth seems to drastically accelerate for the hottest girls in Domina's Valley.

    CHEAP TRICKS 23 - Just Another Weekend
Audrey convinces Phoebe to help her on her new crazy scheme. Vanessa is growing faster!

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 11 - The Little Witch Huntress
Vivian begins her witch hunt and face the overgrown girls of Domina's Valley. Tyson kinda dumps Jessy - he is with Giselle now)

    CHEAP TRICKS 24 - A Little Big Problem
Marina's most potent trigger is her size compared to shorter girls, and Natalie is, well, a bit too small.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 12 - The Rise of the Amazon Queen
Peter dreams of the Queen as Giselle becomes more and more dominant.

    CHEAP TRICKS 25 - Getting out of Cheap Tricks
Audrey is having problem to grow Natalie, she goes for the very last resource.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 13 - The Winter Rose
Peter dreams of the second deity of the Valley. 
(Deities: 1-The Goddess, 2-Winter Rose / 
Necklaces: 1-Goddess Mark, 2-Winter Heart)

    CHEAP TRICKS 26 - Ron's Giantess Gym
Everybody grows haha.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 14 - Cold Reception
Patricia retrieves the Goddess Mark from Jessy (it is an ancient family gift)

    CHEAP TRICKS 27 - Guilty Pleasure
Tony cheats. Vanessa uh... doesn't care and make out with him and Jessica 'cause fuck it let's have sex?!

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 15 - Something Missing
Veronica receives the Goddess Mark and passes the Winter Heart to Patricia (Wrongfully named as Blood Eye 'cause she is mistaken). The Goddess Mark has a trap magic assigned on it so it can unleash the Goddess if the right person weare it. 
SPOILER: (Deities: 1-The Goddess, 2-Winter Rose / Necklaces: 1-Goddess Mark, 2-Winter Heart, 7-Blood Eye)

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 16 - Feeding the Titans
Patricia learns to use the Winter Heart, she grows and even is able to see one of the cataclysms of the past where the Winter Rose has born.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 17 - Suspicious Reflections
Veronica tests the Goddess mark on more girls. Giselle has a colossal growth spurt. When tested on Jana, it partially wakes up Joy, the Spring nymph. The ripples of time space blend the dimensions creating an aberration on the time space. SPOILER: (Deities: 1-The Goddess, 2-Winter Rose, 3-Joy / Necklaces: 1-Goddess Mark, 2-Winter Heart, 7-Blood Eye)

    CHEAP TRICKS 28 - It's Showtime
Thanks to Audrey's success on her works, she manages to release her growth system and some lucky girls from Domina's Valley win the prize draw. Domina's Valley girls participation is a dimensional distortion the quantum reality created by Joy's partial awakening in DV 23 (you didn't see this coming, did you?).

    CHEAP TRICKS 29 - Family Business
Continuation of last chapter, this is still a quantum reality distortion created by Joy's partial awakening. Meaning that these Domina's Valley girls are NOT the real ones but the manifestation of a paralel reality.

    CHEAP TRICKS 30 - The Path of the Moron
Jack screw up big time...

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 18 - Valens' Charm
Miss Knoda is not a nerd :P

    CHEAP TRICKS 31 - Another Long Night
Girls have problems. The program on the TV is a dimensional aberration, Tony's dream with Mega Marina and Vanessa as well. Tyson was jailed for a short moment and released thanks to Stan, so, this makes Tony and Peter know each other cannonically.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 19 - Love and Lust
Spring is in and Tyson dreams of the Goddess, or at leas a shadow of her. She promise a lot of growth.

    CHEAP TRICKS 32 - Weapons of Mass Distraction
Karina uses all her knowledge and connections into a master plan to get the equipment back, seducing a police officer and resourcing into Mike's "old profession" for it.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 20 - Spring's Breeze
They visit a sweet spot blessed by the Spring's breeze while most girls enjoy some growth, Patricia stealing, Vivian under Patricia's necklace and Jana and Eden due to Joy. The reason?
Jana is wearing the Spring Bloom, the Spring necklace (and Joy loves Eden for IDK the reason) 
SPOILER: (Deities: 1-The Goddess, 2-Winter Rose, 3-Joy / Necklaces: 1-Goddess Mark, 2-Winter Heart, 3- Spring Bloom, 7-Blood Eye)

    CHEAP TRICKS 33 - More Pepper in the Sauce
Karina uses the final resource. Audrey is not happy about it.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 21 - Praise to the Moon
Peter Tyson prays to the Goddess making Jessy grow at the same time Patricia tries to steal the Goddess Mark's power but she forgot the basic property of her own necklace of winter that gives back all it gets. The result breaks all the growth she had ever gained. The Goddess has been awakened and tons of MILFS have huge growth spurts at Domina's Heights.

    CHEAP TRICKS 34 - Unexpected Guest
Edward is a pervert...

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 22 - A Taste of Destiny
Destiny shows up as Tyson finds himself in the middle of mother and daughter Giantesses. Jessy finds the Goddess Mark and Tyson literally have sex with a Goddess. The ripples of time/space/dimensions are mended as the Goddess was released, but she didn't manifest herself to others than Tyson. He thinks that was a Dream.

    CHEAP TRICKS 35 - Shades of Audrey
Audrey comes out of the closet. Not that it was a secret... Giselle and Bucky show up at the store is a dimensional aberration brought by Joy who is trying to wake up after the Goddess is released.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 23 - The Game Changer
The Goddess Mark resonates with Jana's Necklace waking up Joy, the Spring nymph. Despite of "weak", Joy's Dimensional distortion creates several aberrations in reality and begins manifesting even online HEREPatricia has the Winter Heart and use it to grow a whole team of beauties. Jana isn't affected because she is guarded by Joy.

    CHEAP TRICKS 36 - Complicated Relationships
Who doesn't love Erika? She even kicks Jack's ass!

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 24  -Ballad of Joy
The Spring ball. Time to enjoy the night as a curious guest comes from the ancient times to party with us. Her awakening ripples trough time space, making Bucky, Eden, Karina and Vanessa interaction a Dimensional Aberration. (and it is now canon, hahaha)

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 25  -Eternal Lust
Joy breaks all the rules and reveal herself. Domina's Valley dives into a deep lusty dream.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 26  - It was just a Dream
Students and professors wake up on the next morning like if anything has happened. Was Joy's party just a dream or did she really broke the very fabric of reality?
As a consequence,  Harrison loses height and Patricia has a genetic "reset" where the effects of the Winter Heart on her vanishes.

    CHEAP TRICKS 37 - Unfinished Business
Time to pay back, also, time to trick again ;D

    CHEAP TRICKS 38 - Over the top
Audrey's plan has problems and Marina had grown a bit too much! It is time for them to meet again to know who is the biggest growing giantess!

    CHEAP TRICKS 39 - Morning at Gianness City
Wake up Tony! It is time to please your Giantess!

    CHEAP TRICKS 40 - Tricky Destiny
Anthony and Vanessa are under house arrest, but this doesn't avoid them from facing consequences of Vanessa's last HUGE growth spurt and the visit of an unexpected relative.

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 27 - Mountain of Lust
After the Spring Ball, Vivian tries to gather information about what happened that night. At the same time Buck Gordon tries to recover from his little visit to Gianness City.
Continues on 
CHEAP TRICKS 41 - Chaotic Fallout

    DOMINA'S VALLEY 28 - City of the Rising Hips
Tyson realizes Jessy is taller than a week ago before the Spring Ball and dreams with a colossal Jessy. Veronica comes over for studying with Tyson. Harrison realizes as well that HE is shorter while his massive girlfriend and sister keep growing taller and taller.

   CHEAP TRICKS 42 - Tony is a Dick
In this chapter with a couple little familiar accidents Tony is blamed by absolutely everything because, yeah, he is a dick (the first chapter fully developed in the new rendering engine).

   Domina's Valley 29 - Young's Giantess House
Mr. Tyson gets another invitation to dive even deeper in the north of Deamore and is guest at Destiny's house. As the plot thickens, Destiny's thighs grow even thicker!

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