Giantess Dream Timeline (unfinished)

Somewhere in time
In one of the many realities, lies an Earth ruled by stretchy strings
that hold the balance of reality, deeply bounded with nature.

Millions of years ago
The continents have formed. This earth has more land, and still, more water.

Tens to Hundreds of Thousands of years ago
Many kingdoms have risen and fallen: the balance has been broken and restored, more than once.

About 4 to 5 decades ago: GD1 - The Queen's Dream
Meeting with an important Person from the country: the prophecy calls.

About 2 decades ago: GD XX - Countryside City
Countryside City - Martha Vanessa Gianne is at university, senior to
Wendy Wintergreen and Becky Jordan, Professor Stanley Widefield teaches there.
Some time later, Stan leaves taken by his more-than-gorgeous woman. 

Around that time, a couple of time later: GD XX
Daughters, Peter Tyson Junior to Becca

About 8 years Ago - GD XX
Anthony moves to work with a fashion Brand, Maison&Maison.

About 5 years Ago - GD XX
Anthony meets The owner's Daughter, later Vanessa 

About 4 years Ago - CT 1 - It is just a Cheap Trick
Marina begins dating Tony, Vanessa decides to return to Countryside City

About 3-to-1 year Ago: GD XX
Countryside City University - Lauren, Madison, Audrey and Phoebe,
Vanessa back in town, Professor Peter Tyson now teachers there.

Year Zero: CT 02 - Back in town
Vanessa and her "grown" daughters return to Gianness city looking for love and revenge.

CT 03 - The Growth Begins
Audrey and Phoebe go hardcore on the growth treatment for Vanessa.

CT 04 - Ron's Gym
Vanessa goes to the gym and meets an old friend.

CT 05 - Cheat-Tricks
Marina Cheats.

CT 06 - Sweet Revenge
The girls grow a lot and Vanessa get Tony. End of Season 1

CT 07-1 - The plan C
Season 2 begins (former S2 ch 1)

CT 08 - The Pepper Factor
(former S2 ch 2 and 3)

CT 09 - Recruitment Disaster
(former S2 ch 04)

CT 10 - Shorties and Giantesses
(former S2 ch 5 and 6)

CT 11- Growth Training
(former S2 ch 7)

CT 12 - The Lab Rat
(former S2 ch 8)

CT 13- Devilish Consequences
(former S2 ch 9)

CT 14- Little Dream Break
(former S2 ch 10)

CT 15 - Growth at the Pool
(former S2 ch 11)

CT 16- Monday's Madness
(former S2 ch 12)

CT 17- Growing out of control
(former S2 ch 13)

CT 18 - Dating Mission Van282
(former S2 ch 14)

CT 19- Too much Pepper
(former S2 ch 15)

CT 20- Chaos Goddess
(former S2 ch 16)

Year 1 - DV and CT 21
(Former S3 ch 0 and 1
T 22 
(Former S3 Ch 2)

(Former S3 Ch 3)

CT 24
(Former S3 Ch 4)

CT 25-(Former S3 Ch 5)

(Former S3 Ch 6)

CT 27
(Former S3 Ch 7)

(Former S3 Ch 8)

CT 29
29-(Former S3 Ch 9)

CT 30
30-(Former S3 Ch 10)

CT 31
(Former S3 Ch 11)

CT 32
(Former S3 Ch 12)

CT 33
(Former S3 Ch 13)

CT 34
(Former S3 Ch 14)

CT 35
(Former S3 Ch 15)

CT 36
(Former S3 Ch 16)

CT 37
(Former S3 Ch 17)

CT 38
(Former S3 Ch 18)

Year 2 - CT 39 Morning at Gianness City
Vanessa and Tony at home, both under police watch.

Domina's Valley 26 
- After Joy breaking laws of time and space

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