Cheap Tricks 11 Update

I'm finishing the first scene for rendering, as you can see with final lights and adjustments, about 70 pictures, not even a half of the chapter. 

It will be really big or I'll cut it into 2 smaller ones, it will depend of the time I'll spend in the new scenes and the final amount of renders.

As I said before, I'm rewriting the chapter while I build the scenes because the script got "outdated" and I decided to insert some new characters in the story to better explore them in the next chapters.

Also, this is not the main scene of the chapter, there's no chance I begin posting anything until I finish the main scene.

It's working!

Time to begin with this scene!

Domina's Valley Essay

And the scene I was creating for Cheap Tricks didn't work at all... this annoys me, I'll have do do it other way. While looking for a better scene I had the chance to fantasize about something else, then I did a little essay.

Scenario: The girls from Domina's Valley University had grown too big and they had to move somewhere that fits them. As they keep growing, the height difference grows more and more. Jessy managed to get back growing and she was having fun teasing Professor Tyson, the blonde sisters were towering above men with their massive thighs and ass and Alice keeps being the tallest model, but not the tallest girl. Meanwhile, female students keep having random growth spurts. That time Professor Veronica's attention was caught by Giselle who was having another breast growth followed by several inches in height at the same time Professor Stanley panics with Monique bending while having her monthly colossal growth spurt, and that may not stop util her hips hit the 24' (7,4 m) tall ceiling. The good news is the year it is just beginning!

This is just a concept render, we have a long way to go until they get this big but, don't worry, I must grow them a lot for reasons related to the story line.

And yes, I'm trying to do something with Cheap Tricks and Domina's Valley while I get other things done.

The beauty and the beast

Yep, all in mind, models ready but I had a specific scene and 2 mountains to fit in... damn this one was tough.
At least she is gorgeous for next chapter :)

The might of the Amazon Queen

When I get bored I play games or do giantess tests.

Most of giantess tests I don't render because, well, they're not pretty or useful but, when they work, look good, or when I can use them in the stories I save them, and sometimes I render for the audience.

This one is a test with Giselle for the "Amazon Queen" status, it's the actual Giselle developing a hell of an amazonian hot body, Note that Amazons from Domina's Valley has huge breasts ;)

It's also time to study girls outgrowing the limits of the "acceptable" height, I mean, many girls are about to break the 8 feet tall mark, towering above men and door frames, I must be prepared for that 

We're getting close to the dawn of spring, it's just a couple of weeks (in the story time) before the most important season in Domina's Valley, winter might get warmer before that.

Talk to you guys again soon.

Updates from the limbo.

While the oversized Vanessa is missing Tony I'm doing stuff that must to be done, sometimes making some tests with my girls and etc.

I've found also I have to rewrite Domina's Valley 17 and maybe the rest, the script must be adjusted thanks to the cuts I did in chapter 16, but the most important is that the story lines will follow as planned.

Cheap Tricks 11 will also suffer some modifications: all these stories have been written in a role, one after the other, and after a while, while reading them, I feel something is missing, that something I've done in DV 16 and that was also there in CT 9 - extreme script adjustment to explore the focus - POV, growth, comparison, etc.

That's it, talk to you guys again soon.

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