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I know, I know, buying at D.A. sucks and real life and internet partners are not helping me to do stuff easier.

Anyway, I finally did a proper "How to Buy Guide":

Also, there are 2 big Easter eggs at the end of that page, if you know what I mean, if I were you I would check it out. ;)

Growth close-ups

Put your opinions on the boobs - I mean - in the pool!

*Text copied form the pool in my Deviant Art Page*

This one is tricky:
While making Cheap Tricks III chapter 12 I noticed a couple of new possibilities while dealing with our girls growth and new characters.

#spoiler# like officer Paul and James, the ones that had never seen a girl grow before #spoiler#

For Domina's Valley is really complicated making a new POV due to the size of the final file and story that needs to be told (I have only 6 chapters per season in the first book that has 24 chapters), also that affects a bit more because it is paid, and it is the story that supports all my Giantess Projects.

For Cheap Tricks it is easier because I don't have limits for render count and story, I mean, I extended the chapter size and cut it in a half before and now I'm doing it again because I love change a bit the script to explore comparisons and let my girls do little games using their size.

As inspirations I'll let this here. Just imagine you are the lucky guy right in front of them and that suddenly it could begin to grow inflate bigger and rise taller and taller...

Cheap Tricks III - Chapter 12 Follow up

The works in chapter 12 have begun!

Check at journal for more details:

+update at the bottom of the page

Nature's unending spiral of beauty and growth

While organizing stuff, because I need to create the clean models for the next story and I let life become a mess every time I finish a big project like a comic, I did this one. 

Jessica is one of the characters with unlimited "growth lust" and this picture her ideals: breasts so huge her "tiny" hands can't handle properly while her body rise to mountainous heights, every time growing, every time bigger, eventually becoming the tallest thing in the planet. Of course, to be that big her nipples would be bigger than a whole house but, whatever ;)

Domina's Valley Chapter 17 Follow Up

Here is it, you can follow this link for info about the next chapter of Domina's Valley:

Some previews (the ones that won't spoil much ;)

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