What comes next | 2015-05-21

Actual Project
Personal Break - Time for fun and taking care of myself ;)

Side project
NA - Giantess related story being developed with a GTS writer

Next project
Cheap Tricks 3-9

Characters Update - Skin Update of some characters
Character Bug Correction - Some of them vanished from my computer or are bugged, nothing to worry, I save new characters every new chapter.
Cheap Tricks III Chapters 10 to 12 - Base script ready - Chapter 13 beginning.
Domina's Valley Chapters from 15 to 20 - Base Script finished, remains adjustments.
Projects DO, Emerald, Average Guy, RBTM, TB, MGts - Base script and characters under development, most of them are close to their first chapter but they are not priorities.

For your appreciation, Phoebe B2 rebuilt (that was close...).

Domina's Valley 14 Height chart

Here is it, height chart for chapter14 :)

And there's a pool to decide who is your favorite character 
in Domina's Valley that wil happen in 2 stages.

Here is the first:

Nearly there, again.

Hello, guys.

I had some issues this weekend and because of it DV 14 was not released yesterday, but don't worry, it is in the final stage, in the last revision.

If everything works fine I'll release it before Tuesday night (America).

Teaser 2 - Domina's Valley 14

Not much to say about this, take your conclusions.

The chapter is nearly done, it will be released really soon.

Teaser 1 - Domina's Valley 14

It looks that girls from Domina's Valley definitively don't feel cold.

Posing is going pretty fine, I will keep the schedule and try to release it this month. 

Domina's Valley Bundle 2 has arrived!

The second part of this intriguing story where the legends are becoming true.

Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 for a special price - you save 23%

A new season begins. Many girls are growing inexplicably while at the same time Professor Tyson finds more clues. He even begins dreaming about Queens and Goddesses from Dominas Valens Campus legend while enjoying his new busty-and-growing-bustier girlfriend Giselle growing taller than he is... and beyond!

Witches with unknown languages and a fountain of growth are revealed while a little team of witch hunters assembles with a double agent for investigating why these girls are growing so much.

Nobody would ever suspect that Autumn could be a season so full of fertility!

It's here:

Thanks to shaq that reminded me of this...
I forgot to bundle this before ^.^

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