Bmtbguy Random Render 00039 and 00040

3rd look of the same girl ;)

Nothing to say but B (  •   )(   •   ) BS

Bmtbguy Random Render 00038

You're welcome ;)

Bmtbguy Random Render 00036 and 00037

I needed to fix some things. I was missing this place.

Test for DV13

Winter is coming...

I'm happy to say that I'm drunk. And happy haha.

Now, seriously, I've just finished the largest scene of Domina's Valley 13 that marks the beginning of winter in the series. I'm proud to say that "I think" this is going to be one of the most beautiful covers of all the series, I really didn't think that character would look so nice, even being... well, you will see.

Of course you may not wait for blouses and long dresses because Domina's Valley is a Tropical Paradise.

Now I'll let you guys with a little taste of the chapter. Hehe.

PS. Thanks to Google Chrome to help me write the words correctly because man, I'm not writing anything correctly hehe.

Happy 2015 to everyone :)

Domina's Valley 13 - Teaser 1

Here is the 1st official teaser for DV13.

For now I have a good part of the posing done, but this is a story with many scenes and models, what takes a lot time to do.

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