Domina's Valley Chapter 19 Follow Up

Yep, already, I'm working on it!

Cheap Tricks III - Chapter 13 Release

Life is not tasty. Maybe we should put more pepper in the sauce to see if it will be swallowable...

Stressed by the problems she already had, Audrey faces the owner of Debra's building in order to delay the payment of the store rental and then receive bad news, one after another, draining her forces to the point our lovely Audrey looks to not be herself anymore, she was dying inside!

Phoebe and Jessica decide to rescue her using a sophisticated equipment that could bring her soul back to life, the overdose risk was imminent and, despite the fact Jessica was afraid of the results Phoebe decides to keep it!

Tony moves somewhere he didn't expect and hits the ground hard. In the following day, he has found himself trapped, he could see the light going away. it was happening...

In the next day, Audrey faces more surprises: there is a new businesswoman in the city, and Audrey has found herself in her hands!

Is it over?

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Cheap Tricks III Chapter 13 Follow Up

The work has begun!

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More news from the limbo

Hello, guys.

Like I said before, a lot of stuff is going on, then, I have to chill and do stuff.

The next chapter of Cheap Tricks is waiting for me to have more spare time for it, I mean, even with the first scene assembled I still need time for posing it.

About the other stuff I do between the chapters, there was a surface rendering bug that was bothering me in the last chapters and made me literally change the script of the last scene of Domina's Valley and I had no clue how to fix it, at least not with the tools I had, Dark eyes, teeth and "cold" skin looking and, the nightmare, mirror reflections that simply refused to fully render the skin shader.

thanks to your support,
 these last weeks, in my short and rare spare time, I've been able to buy some new stuff for playing, one of them is an additional skin tool that I've been testing every 10 minutes I have.

Fortunately, most of my girls already looked really nice with my custom made skins, the point is that this new "tool" was able to fix the "mirror bug" and even allowed me to correct some others error and add more detail to the renders while saving render time, all this with a quite easy new skin setup. 

Then, to complete the improvement set for 2017, I changed the light configuration, renewed post-work workflow, did a new hair surface (like you guys can see in the last post), everything ready to be applied in the next Domina's Valley. Of course, applying it in cheap tricks will depend. It will need to fit the scenes already built or we will see it later.

Here are the tests and results. Next job will be Cheap Tricks, I promise.

original/new test 1

eye closeup - new test 1

original / new /original / new

Mirror test
New (Jessy 1 and Giselle 1 working) / Original (without workaround - weird Jessy weird Giselle) 

Monique Eyes natural reflection

Monique test 

Eden - Eye reflection test 

Original mirror test with workaround - Cold light and Skin (small room) + mirror skin rendering not showing correct skin behaviour

New skin and light setup - Warmer room (more accurate to that scene), absolutely same skin behavior in the render and mirror, smoother ambient occlusion

Original setup - kind of ok, dark eyes and teeth

 New skin and light setup - Aditional skin details, no cold shadows over the skin, full awareness of where Jessy is looking, more natural room lighting (no new ambient occlusion config yet)

What comes next | January 2017

Taking care of personal stuff for 2017
Fixing and organizing models for optimizing project files
Organizing content
When possible assembling models for Cheap Tricks III Chapter 13

More personal stuff 2017
Cheap Tricks III Chapter 13

Secondary/next Projects - NO RELEASE DATE AVAILABLE
CT and DV age study
Cheap Tricks III Chapters 14 and 15 - Base script ready
Domina's Valley Chapters from 19 to 24 rewrite, reorganize + new ideas + Bundle Render
Cheap Tricks Back to the past project
Projects DO, Emerald, Average Guy, RBTM, TB, MGts - Base script and characters under development, most of them are close to their first chapter but they are not priorities.ew Ideasundle
NA - Giantess related story being developed with another GTS writer (paused)

Whatever I'm doing, if possible, will be posted here.

Update 2017 January

Hello, guys.

I'm just making a new update here. I'd like to tell you guys that this year I have a ton of stuff to do, sadly, a bit more complicated than the other years.

I finished stuff I use to do between chapters, some tests and finally slowing down with the comics for a while, nothing to worry, just real life asking for more attention for a couple of months.

Cheap Tricks script's done but I need to find time to make it, unfortunately, I'm not sure when it will be released.

I'll be back with the old pace as soon as I get stuff done.


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