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Cheap Tricks III - Chapter 10

Cheap Tricks III - Chapter 10 - The Path of the Moron

Audrey's plan is working: her beauty treatment is famous and they're working a lot for keeping it going until it can finally profit. In the meantime, she owes a lot of money to Debra and Vanessa, while Tony struggle to keep his business because he is alone and nobody want to join the guy who gave their job positions to a girl in first place.

But there's no bad day that can't get worse, because this is what a bad man does, that's the Path of The Moron.

Funfacts - Cheap Tricks

Audrey should trash Tony's Digger and screw all his business, all that while she was still working in the beauty treatment. But nope, I had to change this, she would be too busy for that, ans she should be at least as big as Vanessa to be able to move that kind of huge machinery.

Also, I planned a demolition accident... but nope, that's no way to build that, too dangerous and, as far as I could reach, stupid, all that because I needed to put more pepper in the sauce. Nope, that didn't work too. Maybe something else ;)

Marina should be villain of the story, but she is not, actually she taught Audrey then, she's just a girl being a girl that wants to be the hottest in the world, having everyone at her feet and do whatever she wants, just like a normal girl. Wait a minute... o.O

One day Beetlebomb had an idea - a girl too short that should grow too much and too fast - I said "why not" and gave Vanessa a sister - Karina - in order to explore Jessica's arrival in the story. The problem was that while I developed the character it was fitting nicely to the story and I gave up the original idea. I've inserted "Miss Pepper" permanently in the story, being the right hand of Audrey in her crazy plans.

Vanessa should have a mother and more sisters, blondes, black haired and so, but that was getting weird, then I decided to let only Karina. Luckily the old cheap tricks 3 and 4 were never been developed, the new cheap tricks 3 - that is based in what would be book 5 or Cheap Tricks 5 - is much better, and the good thing is that is going for a long time, different to the old short part 5. Let the weirdness be only Audrey's and Phoebe's hair.

Vanessa is the oldest skin I use. It's perfect - despite the fact I had to fix it in several places, but just once. All the others characters were changed, more than one time. Tony doesn't count because he is a default skin.

Audrey had a boyfriend in old Part 3. He might show around if next chapters go the way I think.

Debra is black, should not be in the original script, but I was learning how to deal with skins and she developed nicely as that, then, why not ;)

Vanessa SHOULD NOT be the biggest giantess in the story, at least not in the originals, the titan of the family would be "Audrey", but that was not her name yet ;)

Hey, look, boobs!

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Cheap Tricks III Chapter 10

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Domina's Valley Chapters from 16 to 20 - Base Script finished, remains adjustments, Chapter 21 - Draft version. Projects DO, Emerald, Average Guy, RBTM, TB, MGts - Base script and characters under development, most of them are close to their first chapter but they are not priorities.
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