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Hello, guys, that's me again.

I just finished some studies for 2 characters for an external project and now I'm slowing down to take care of stuff in my life. These last chapters made me work a lot and now it's time fix stuff that I left behind.

I need some weeks before coming back at full speed, first I'll fix things then I'll be back for rewriting chapter 20 of Domina's Valley. Yes, these next chapters will be rewritten to avoid super complex storytelling but, don't worry, I'll just make it easier to understand, all plot will be there with a fat layer of hot sweet growing girls.

Yeah, another lost project in my folder, I don't remember for what this was for, lol...

Cheap Tricks III - Chapter 14 Release

Have you ever wondered why Audrey has her tall obsession? Or if she ever had a boyfriend and what happened to their relationship?

It's about time to answer some of those questions and discover part of Audrey's mysterious past, meanwhile, we will see some really interesting dates and some nice growing!

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Essay - The B Subject

It's been a while since I begin my research...
Nah, 3 years but, whatever, it looks a lot to me.

"The Facility" has been working pretty fine, despite the damn subject B.

I'm senior, maybe some more than senior, actually I don't even need to keep around, they just left me here to complete my main experiment, I mean, they didn't even read all the project  and I've got a "NO", then a "please do it" a week later, that was awkward. 

I show them numbers but they prefer... photos?
What a hell, photos are the most useless proof of my research!

Wait a minute... what if I'm blinded by my own obsession?

I mean, what if they're right and the fact some girls are growing way too tall and hot is... interesting? I don't like this word on this statement.

CRAP! They're right, the tallest person of this place is... is a girl and... look at those proportions! This is surely an abnormality!

Maybe a visual comparison of older and newest pictures...

Damn, I'm short.

I'm still short in this one.

All these are older classes but...

Aren't these girls a bit too old to be still growing?

Hum... this is not the case of my sister... the damn kid is a foot taller than me... at least last time I've  seen her but... how come I'm still only 5' and so many girls around are growing?

Do they share anything in theirs life that boosted their... uh... crap look at the size of those things!

Hum... yes, there is a pattern here, and it's not because I'm smart that I'm short it's because...

I don't know. Maybe subject B should be my focus right now... Goodbye lovely numbers and DNA Helixes, hello useless thinking and a ton of social media look-a-like photos...

And now all these new guys around will turn my research into a mess again.

Or, maybe they're just fresh meat for some serious experiments!

Oh, studies, not experiments, I won't use the genetic engineering lab for that, not at all.

Maybe just to compare some more samples... maybe even comparing some of my older samples and focus on the basic biological development instead of complex improvements can be useful.

Hum... The new guys arrive today...

Well, let's make some field research now!

The mystery of the Young Giantesses

Everyone was used to the Amazons and the Valkyries at the lands of The Domina.

Amazons were the Giantess Warriors with hot bodies, many times with huge boobs, that were allowed to leave the Valley only after completing their training, what takes years. Similarly, Valkyries are women taller than average that are not allowed to leave the Mountain before their full training and have bodies more athletic and nearly no boobs.

Then, all of a sudden, a lot of super hot girls got into the royalty, towering over men, bumping their massive tits on the top of the head of the tallest warriors, walking with their tiny waists revealed without any mark of training, the daughters of the peasants!

The reason? Counts and Princes could not resist the young towering women with such overdeveloped bodies that asked for a place in the ball in their way.

Some say this is a fault from the Goddesses, some say it is witchery, some say the Season Goddesses are playing with the Kings so they would turn the world into a single Amazon Empire!

To understand that, you must know some legends from the Scripts from Dominas Valens, like "The Goddess" and "The Winter Rose".

"The Goddess", also referred as Spring, is the guardian of the lovers, they say, she rewards the love with lust, she can bring a relationship to a whole new level or even grant lovers their right of loving each other.

When parents, friends or powerful people oppose two hearts to become one, lovers should pray to the Goddess, so their love would be blessed by her tremendous power, breaking the will of the others and protecting them even from death.

Couples from nobles and peasants were now allowed at that time, the "The Goddess" was their only chance. 

There are rumors that during the Spring, if the Goddess witnessed them making love under the domains of the Valley and find their love is true she would not let the Amazons expel them, instead, the Goddess would concede to the woman a fertility that borders divinity, what would strengthen their bond at the point the men would serve his beloved one as his own goddess. In the other hand, men who weren't pure in their love would adore their women to the point of willing slavery...

Some others were seduced by the idea and simply disappeared into the woods to never be seen again, others come back hurt or even in pieces delivered by the Amazons that guard the lands of the Goddess.

The book of the Amazons says that once the Goddess bless someone, the inhabitants of Dominas Valens Campus would treat them as equals, yes they use the word "them", men and women, leading us to believe that she could choose couples that share true love, one of the few sacred things to the Goddess that her gigantic Amazon followers respect.

Many explorers and renegade mages claim to have seen some of the disappeared young ladies in their adventures through the forests but, as said by many parents, it's hard to believe those who serve more than one power when they say your skinny baby girl has turned into a 10 feet tall ultra hot giantess.

The reason for the Goddess doing that was uncertain, still, every Spring more and more couples disappeared as the Amazon army grew in numbers and in size while an increasing number of parents claimed to have seen their lost daughters as Amazon Giantesses, the point is, they NEVER come back to the kingdom, then, how could them join the royalty?

This bring us to another Goddess, one that once inspired fear, the natural opposite of Spring, Winter,

You may ask WHY Winter is the opposite of Spring in Dominas Valens, right? That's because Winter is the one who holds it all, to be clear, nothing grows or is born in Winter, it's certain death for most of those who live in that Tropical Paradise.

The scripts say that the First Goddess has 4 daughters: Summer that burns, Autumn that gathers, Winter that holds and Spring that grows. As their power grows without limit theirs blesses come for their followers, and the one with fewer followers had always being Winter.

The Goddess of Winter was the coldness itself, the Goddes of death then, right? She should be feared, isn't it? 

Wrong! In Dominas Valens she was beloved.

Far from the legends of the Season Goddesses, the Winter Rose was pretty real at that time. Forged by passion and love, a woman from a special bloodline with one of the Four Hearts, or necklaces if you prefer, managed to absorb enormous amounts of power from the Goddess of Growth, also known as Spring, corrupting the Winter Heart that became Rose's Heart - a necklace that once could only steal size now gives back size, breaking the basic laws of nature, making growth from shrinking, giving size to both, bus still, assimilating some particularities of the victim. If you can call victim someone you've just given a growth spurt, whatever...

As a gigantic super hot naked deity, Winter couldn't come back to the nobles, she screamed the name of her beloved but, he couldn't understand she became the personification of her unlimited passion. 

He couldn't love her back, for him, love should be true, it didn't matter how big her boobs were, she was special without them but he couldn't love her as she loved him.

Winter Rose screamed and made her boobs grow even bigger as she could feel her heart cooling with sadness and hatred but... it was not her sadness she felt only: now she could feel all the cold hearts in that winter, craving for love.

Winter Rose begin to give the chance to those who had their hearts broken to fight for the attention of their beloved ones using lust touches, body transforming, growing bodies, inflating breasts, thickening thighs and playing with the strings of reality for bringing a couple together by the will of one. On many times it became true love, in others, men simply fell by the charm of the overdeveloped girls.

For that, Winter Rose could feel both the passion and love one had for the other, she was delighted by doing that, creating couples that could never be together before, increasing her power and size, distorting the behavior of Winter itself, she even had an official temple and a Gold Statue built by her increasing followers, what made the other Goddesses jealous and made the already delicate peace among the kingdoms even harder to maintain.

By breaking the balance of the seasons, Winter Rose was the reason the Amazons could grow by another season, it was like she was the Cold Goddess of Growth!

You shouldn't be fooled by her cold looking skin, by simply touching her a man could get "hard" for days and even growing his "parts" for several inches: she was the passion itself and her body had a touch that no one could describe.

Some say she can blend into the crowd during Summer, running after her beloved one, with tits so big that would be easy to find her, until the day she must go back to the wilds and grow, again, into the Winter Rose, getting bigger and bigger by every new Winter...

As a result for being so kind and merciful to desperate women in love, peasant's daughters begin to worship her, wishing for improved bodies because they couldn't compete with the gorgeous daughters of nobles and the statuesque Valkyries that used to marry with most of the important men.

As they begin to worship Winter they grow, then younger women came to her, then even younger... and as the years came, the peasant's young daughters got taller and taller, hotter and hotter, outgrowing their older brothers and parents in a couple of years, becoming the first Giantess group that had no Amazon or other race blood in their veins.

They were young, huge, hot and still growing! Men would do whatever they wish for their attention. Because of that, the Mansions of the noble became crowded with those young flowers that could charm any man bu simply looking at them.

The Valkyries Princess was mad now but, that's a story for another post ;)

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