Update 2017 January

Hello, guys.

I'm just making a new update here. I'd like to tell you guys that this year I have a ton of stuff to do, sadly, a bit more complicated than the other years.

I finished stuff I use to do between chapters, some tests and finally slowing down with the comics for a while, nothing to worry, just real life asking for more attention for a couple of months.

Cheap Tricks script's done but I need to find time to make it, unfortunately, I'm not sure when it will be released.

I'll be back with the old pace as soon as I get stuff done.


Domina's Valley Chapter 18 Follow Up

The great Cold is about to end!

I'm preparing the next chapter of Donina's Valley after some hard work rebuilding scenes that were corrupted, broken files, some age study and story maintenance for both Cheap Tricks and Domina's Valley.

I did also a good part of the work for this chapter, a lot of new stuff directly related to chapter 17: Chapter 18 begins in the same day of chapter 17, and then, a couple of weeks later, the last days of the season because Spring is right in the corner.

Follow the updates here: http://bmtbguy.deviantart.com/journal/Domina-s-Valley-Chapter-18-Follow-Up-642866034

I will also give you guys one of the nicest previews I ever gave. And that's just a fraction of the intensity I'm trying to put in this last chapter of Winter. Enjoy.
*TT's scene is in the same city of the Afternoon, it was only rebuilt because the file was bugged, it won't be part of this chapter.

Cheap Tricks - Back to the past

This was that kind of weird week, Really strange, I couldn't focus in anything serious, it was like the day was just wrong.

Then replied a couple of comments and I've caught myself looking back in the story of Cheap Tricks.

I had nothing to do with the mood I was... I was bored and needed something new and, here is it, the "remake" of the original characters's height.

This is the first step into the HD remake of Cheap Tricks books 1 and 2.

The plan is simple: Use this height chart and the old data I have to set 34 height charts covering all chapters growth (sequence) and use it for rebuilding the base story.

Every single chapter will be revised, rewritten, reposed, in order to offer a superior quality comic, something like we already have, and delete all the old story.

+Update - now it has their original sizes and actual sizes.

Domina's Valley - Age study

Domina's Valley has one thing that is easy in it's chronology: it has 6 chapters per season, closing the first "book" in the 24th chapter.

The point is, with characters so "young" that have just grown into their 18's in a city where women keep growing despite of their age AND during a wave of growth that is completing 2 season - Autumn and Winter - , it is necessary to be sure of some specific data.

Some of you have been asking for it and I'm finally making it. I'll keep posting the advances here.

Please join us, share your opinions at my DeviantArt.com Journal http://bmtbguy.deviantart.com/journal/

Draft 1

Cheap Tricks III - 12 - Weapons of Mass Distraction Gallery

Well, this is a try. Let's see if it works:


I'm still uploading it. It is a bit smaller than the original but at least it is free space :P

+update - I can't sort the files. Online browsing doesn't work properly.

You guys need to download the whole album for the "original files":
Go to ••• > Download Everything (not sure of the real text here, Google put it it in my native language).

The pictures might bit a bit more compressed but, it looks good.

Cheap Tricks III -12 - Weapons of Mass Distraction

After a successful meeting with Steve's father, Karina manages to get the licenses for opening the Beauty Salon again, and now it was time for the next steps in her plan.
While her hidden contacts feed them with information, Karina and Jessica start the next 2 steps in their plan: hypnotizing Erika to help them and sending 2 girls to distract the authorities while they take some products back to keep working.
The girls' mission was to do whatever they needed in order to retrieve the material. Is there anything these girls do that doesn't involve massive growth?

Read it for free at GTSartists.com  (Awaiting liberation)

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