How to buy

 How to buy
And other known issues...
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There are 4 ways for buying my content:

How to pay
The payment methods depend on each platform, so you can choose whichever one you prefer.
Unfortunately I don't have a Bitcoin option, also I don't accept direct payments.

I don't see the "buy" option
It is known that DeviantArt app and mobile site version don't show the download icon where you have the premium option to download (paid content), there you must access the desktop version of the site, the option is available in most modern browsers.

There's no issues in other shops as far as I know, but buying on mobile devices is a bit more complex for reasons I don't understand, this web store hosting system is beyond my knowledge of coding.

I doesn't let me buy the product / the discount code is not being accepted
I it is known that Edge and Internet Explorer sometimes fail to work while purchasing on my site, probably a version and/or script bug we can't prevent, so, if it fails with you I recommend to use other browsers.

I want Free Cheap Tricks Season download!
Unfortunately I can't make these sites download gigs of material for free, first time I did one of the small chapters consumed 10 gigs limit of my sharing site within 2 days, so, if you want it for free check my FREE COMICS page or go to and Giantess City post for reading it for free. Saving the files is a work you must do.

Still need help?
Contact me in any of the platforms below. I'm here for you.

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