Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

How to Buy

Due to issues with payment partners, I moved the store to DeviantArt http://bmtbguy.deviantart.com/

This site will keep running normally and the on-site purchasing will be back as soon I find a good new payment partner that accept this kind of product for a good pricing.
If you get any problem after buying check the options below:

1. When the download doesn't start, doesn't finish, or the file is corrupt
  • Try to download in another time - they use Amazon servers, that's good stuff but sometimes dues to internet traffic it gets slow and you can get a timeout error.
  • If you can't download it after many tries, go to your orders page at https://www.deviantart.com/account/ , click details at the end of the line of the comic you ordered, then click the "Request Refund" button. That will send me a notification with your DA username and order number. Don't forget to write in the memo you had problems downloading and still want the comic and, if possible, your e-mail for contacting you.
  • Also, if you want, go to my page http://bmtbguy.deviantart.com/ and send me a note telling that you want help with downloading the comic. I keep most of the contact inside D.A. for archiving, it is a proof that we did everything to resolve it.
2. Can't purchase the points or purchased the points and the Purchase Button is not on the product page.
  • Use a desktop computer to browse the site.
  • If you are in a mobile browser on a tablet or smartphone, go to the bottom of the product page and click "Switch to Desktop Site". This might fix most of the compatibility problems.
  • If you are in a mobile browser that doesn't let you see the "Desktop site" even clicking "Switch to Desktop Site" you must change the browser mode: in some smartphones and tablets browsers you can change the preferences, deciding if it will show only the mobile or desktop version of the sites, change it to show the "Desktop Version".
  • If you already have the points and the purchase option is not shown even after trying the steps above, please, go to my main page http://bmtbguy.deviantart.com/ and send me a note that I will help you with it.

Once again, thanks everyone for supporting our GTS community :)

Jana's Mounds want to keep growing, don't let her waiting!


  1. I'll wait for you to fix your store. The DA points are a scam, where you have to pay for more than you need, so you end up with money floating in the Ether that you can't use or get refunded. No thanks. I'd rather just paypal you directly or something.

  2. I totally agree with him, PLUS when you recharge your DA account you must wait for hours for some mysterious "security check" before you're given your points. Although the money was withdrawn from my credit card over 2 hours ago. It's not an "instant validation" at all!

    1. I'm sorry for that... they say it is instant validation, unfortunately their external ways of processing is really slow in some countries/payment processors. I can't go back in the old scheme, PP put me in a serious problem with my country's income tax institution because they blocked the account where the money for paying it was in, then, until I find another payment processor that works I will keep at D.A. :(


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