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The Path of the Overseer

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Somewhere above the valleys, decades after the Queen's Dream (GD Chapter 1), a diligent worker restores their family name through servitude, witnessing the growing power of Deamore's hidden cast: the Overseers!   

Much later, as their council grows more fertile and voluptuous, the Goddess' blessings overflow to the rest of the country and an old acquaintance asks for a special permission to be issued... that would be opposed by the Overseers, right?  

This chapter is very dear to me for it covers a big deal of background plot for the Domina's Valley and Cheap Tricks universes unification, introducing the Overseers and prior developments that will be shown in the 2nd Season of the Canonical Chapters of Giantess Dream Series AND have a big link to Domina's Valley series.  

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Support the Dream and buy Giantess Dream 4

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