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Giantess Dream 3 - Free Preview
Realities Colide

©Live The Giantess Dream | Season 1: Giantess Origins 

After a big turn-off at Gianness City (Cheap Tricks 1), Vanessa returns to Countryside City to work on a business proposition, and she wants to enroll her daughters in the local University A.S.A.P.  

While nostalgia dominates our little girl on her visit to her old university, she meets an old acquaintance who has become a professor. What a strange synergy they have...   

At the same time, another MILF shows up in the university using the holiday as an excuse, but this one is completely different from her old self (Giantess Dream 2). Somehow, several growth spurts turned the sweet blonde girl into a statuesque woman whose proportions defy common sense.  

Realities collide laying the foundation for that country to become the land of the giantesses!   

For the first time, all three of my stories have representatives in a canonical chapter.  

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Support the Dream by buying Giantess Dream 3

Support the Dream by buying Giantess Dream 3

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