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Mountain of Lust

©Tales From Domina's Valley  Season 5: Summer in the Heights 

Days after the ball, Vivian was still processing the evening's events. The problem is that nobody remembers anything accurately. It was like a crazy dream they all experienced together. 

Faking a pool party as an excuse to assemble with her closest allies and gather some intel, Vivan welcomes another sidekick to her party—Jana's little sister, Amanda—and watches the overgrown females try and find out what has just happened, as well as discuss their next step. 

As the bitter reality sinks in, someone stumbles upon the secret key for ultimate growth. But how? Luckily, someone else rising even higher in her powers covers the influence of a tricky deity. Or is it a puck? 

Finally, Alex struggles against his instincts. Will he miss something very important, or prevail against the mountains of lust in front of him?

*This story contains only 2 growth sequences, one of them involving more than just height and a couple of flashbacks on a VERY interesting night ;) 

#Giantess #Mini Giantess #MiniGTS #SlowGrowth #HeightComnpariso, #BreastExpansion

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