Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22


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The Story

Peter Tyson is an awarded University Professor, a typical successful man whose life has no secret anymore. He researches for any secret he could, specially human development and historical successful recipes.

While researching  about the miracles made by the ancient tribal medicine all over the world, he discovered traces of an unknown yet ignored civilization: Dominas Valens Campus, The Healthy Mistress Field.

Accordingly to his researches, it was a civilization in a valley dominated by women with amazonian proportions, outstanding beauty and health. A different society where men had a secondary but respectable place. That was just another discovery until he finds out they never got sick and adult women were about 10 feet tall.

Obsessed by health and tall girls, Professor Tyson dove into the mysteries of Dominas Valens Campus. It could improve his theory of Induced Evolution in the human historical base and maybe find a healthy giantess descendant of that civilization for him.

In the last year, his old Professor, Mr. Stanley Widefield, invited him for classes in a special University because of Tyson's extreme self-control and abilities to deal with complicated students:

- Good morning, Ice Cube, it is me, Stan.
- Hello Professor! Nice to talk to you again. How is the family going?
- They are doing great. What about some troubled young students? We need a senior professor for a big university here, great minds, a lot of energy, even greater bodies...
- Stan, I don't want to knock out any guy. Boys need sports and some discipline, without that I can't help.
- That's right the point: the girls are out of control. We need a self confident man for this job, not another male coward or a female professor who gets upset with students so much gorgeous.
- Gorgeous students huh? Seems a nice job. What about money and working time?
- Money? Hell, they'll pay enough to you stay in here just by your reputations, but I think they will love you.  You can also research some stuff, it is near some ruins and ancient pounds, wells, old tribes, all that you like. Come, you won't regret.
- Nice... where is it?
- You just have to put the name of the campus in your GPS: Domina's Valley. The university is in the main avenue, just call me when you get there. (CLAP)
- ... Dominas Valen... Valley?

More story here soon.

The story behind the story

Tales from Domina's Valley is an Adult Giantess Growth Comic. It takes place in an adult environment, with all the aspects of real life, like relationship, love triangles, female competition and very moderate violence.

It supports all the payment of models, software, hardware and stuff related to my giantess creations. It was idealized to be a free story but had to be used to pay for new stuff in order to keep  Cheap Tricks and other Giantess project I have in mind going further.

After the inspiration, Jessy (18) and Tyson (37) - a classical case of a mature man who falls in love for a woman much younger than him, I kept a long time studying, testing and building the main plot based on a "real life like" rules before making the first chapter.

Thanks to its sales, I could improve a lot my skills, buy new stuff and, hopefully in 2013, buy a computer fast enough to do all the giantess madness I want to do :)

Tales From Domina's Valley  ©BMTBGUY 2010-2013
This is an adult fiction story, may not be shown to young people.
Any similarity to actual events is purely coincidental.
All the models*, people**, characters shown are 18 years or older.

This is copyrighted material and may not be used or copied without the permission of the author.

*3rd part texture artists**Sellers, writers, correction, support team

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