Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

I'm Back! Kind of...

Yeah, we're back to business and... maybe not as fast as I wished but, that's something.
I'm tired. My body is tired, not it's fault, I promise. I did a ton of stuff and, well, that's not enough, real life can't have enough of me.Stupid Me!

That's why I'm giving it my way into finishing stuff the faster I can, I don't care, sometimes we must accept the average or even pay the price, because we must learn to respect our limits, health limits in my case, and that sometimes stuff doesn't work the way we want. Grump  

After a thousand installations and tests I've found the defect in my computer and fixed it, not the way I wished but, whatever, the important part is that it is not crashing anymore, once it delivers the next chapter I might assemble a new one and put the old one in a confortable place inside my wardrobe for a long deserved rest.

Now, to the real good news - On my little spare time I could give Chapter 21 a big refresh and I'm satisfied with the results, it's time for assembling the scenes and make those girls grow again. I could even go ahead and think about future plot development to close season 4 with the 6 chapters it has to have, indeed a good time for a script review.

I still need to finish some stuff in real life but, at least now, I'll be back working at Domina's Valley in the spare time.

Talk to you guys again soon.

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