Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Cheap Tricks III - Chapter 15 Release

Chapter 15 - Shades of Audrey

Audrey is back to work but she looks different. After almost a month isolated in her own shell, a shady Audrey blooms, kind of confused with her own feelings and overexcited about the fact boobs are going to be all around due to Jessica's birthday gift! The youngest giantess breasts she knows will soon grow taller and, maybe, even bigger!
At the same time, Tony enjoys the pool, not even imagining what the sex hungry Vanessa has in store to him, and man, she stored a ton of it!
And Eduard will finally find out who is his worst enemy for getting Audrey back, but how is he going to react to it?

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    1. GTSartists needs manual liberation, it's holiday time, better try on the other links.

  2. So I'm curious (and perhaps this question is answered in an older post): What exactly is it that gives the ladies in CT the ability to grow?(or perhaps the answer to that question doesn't currently exist)

  3. Well, the story was originated from other stories I wrote and merged, from where the specific growth patterns were extracted - like teasing, excitement, milk and etc, and every girl has her own growth trigger.

    The stories didn't had a title, then, observing the reasons they grew were kind of insignificant tricks to grow, most of them cliche, I decided to name it Cheap Tricks - because this it what it is ;)


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