Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Essay - The B Subject

It's been a while since I begin my research...
Nah, 3 years but, whatever, it looks a lot to me.

"The Facility" has been working pretty fine, despite the damn subject B.

I'm senior, maybe some more than senior, actually I don't even need to keep around, they just left me here to complete my main experiment, I mean, they didn't even read all the project  and I've got a "NO", then a "please do it" a week later, that was awkward. 

I show them numbers but they prefer... photos?
What a hell, photos are the most useless proof of my research!

Wait a minute... what if I'm blinded by my own obsession?

I mean, what if they're right and the fact some girls are growing way too tall and hot is... interesting? I don't like this word on this statement.

CRAP! They're right, the tallest person of this place is... is a girl and... look at those proportions! This is surely an abnormality!

Maybe a visual comparison of older and newest pictures...

Damn, I'm short.

I'm still short in this one.

All these are older classes but...

Aren't these girls a bit too old to be still growing?

Hum... this is not the case of my sister... the damn kid is a foot taller than me... at least last time I've  seen her but... how come I'm still only 5' and so many girls around are growing?

Do they share anything in theirs life that boosted their... uh... crap look at the size of those things!

Hum... yes, there is a pattern here, and it's not because I'm smart that I'm short it's because...

I don't know. Maybe subject B should be my focus right now... Goodbye lovely numbers and DNA Helixes, hello useless thinking and a ton of social media look-a-like photos...

And now all these new guys around will turn my research into a mess again.

Or, maybe they're just fresh meat for some serious experiments!

Oh, studies, not experiments, I won't use the genetic engineering lab for that, not at all.

Maybe just to compare some more samples... maybe even comparing some of my older samples and focus on the basic biological development instead of complex improvements can be useful.

Hum... The new guys arrive today...

Well, let's make some field research now!


  1. Dear BMTBGUY is there any way to get the BMTBOY Debra edition, besides the newsletter? ( sorry that this question isn't relevant to the work above)

    1. I've put it here for paid download: https://bmtbguy.deviantart.com/art/BMTBBOY-Magazine-GTSartists-com-Newsletter-Bonus-327615270


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