Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Cheap Tricks III - Chapter 13 Release

Life is not tasty. Maybe we should put more pepper in the sauce to see if it will be swallowable...

Stressed by the problems she already had, Audrey faces the owner of Debra's building in order to delay the payment of the store rental and then receive bad news, one after another, draining her forces to the point our lovely Audrey looks to not be herself anymore, she was dying inside!

Phoebe and Jessica decide to rescue her using a sophisticated equipment that could bring her soul back to life, the overdose risk was imminent and, despite the fact Jessica was afraid of the results Phoebe decides to keep it!

Tony moves somewhere he didn't expect and hits the ground hard. In the following day, he has found himself trapped, he could see the light going away. it was happening...

In the next day, Audrey faces more surprises: there is a new businesswoman in the city, and Audrey has found herself in her hands!

Is it over?

You can find out right now buying a 100 coins download for supporting my work at http://bmtbguy.deviantart.com/art/Cheap-Tricks-III-13-More-Pepper-in-the-Sauce-675273760
Read it for free at GTSartists.com http://gtsartists.com/gallery/cheap-tricks-iii-chapter-13 (As soon as it gets liberated)
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  1. I really appreciate your hard work (I paid for the comic) but there weren't any proper growth scenes in this chapter :( I have to say im a bit disappointed :/ Sorry

  2. To be fair he has mentioned several times that he needed to advance the story. Also that he needed to make Phoebe grow more. But he needed to do that so that he could get back into the growth scenes, not every chapter of a book is the best chapter but they do make the good chapters that much better.

    1. And to be fair It's not like this comic is a on brodway or national TV or something it's just a fetish comic and it should focus on the subject of growth not the story, people don't watch pron for the story

    2. I enjoy the story. It adds flavor and uniqueness. That what makes me like his stories so much. Yes I want Phoebe to grow more, but I don't want it done in a instant. Everyone gets their time to shine, but it's all about build up. If only the growth matters to you, then you could go through all the chapters, and find plenty of moments good enough to *pleasure* yourself over. I appreciate Bmtbguy.

  3. I paid my 100 points as well. Good work, i liked the chapter, especially the bed scene Page 70 onwards.
    good balance of story progress and ... fanservice? Lack a better word for it.

  4. It was good! I enjoyed it! it had a good mix of story and growths and it was fun! Good work =).

  5. I only wish the wait between one chapter and the next wasn't so long, but I understand it's a long process, plus I'm sure you have lots of other things in your life to deal with..

  6. Once again great work! I personally enjoy the story aspect just as much as the growth and expansion scenes too. I wonder if that's Jack in the last scene (hmmm?) and if no one else noticed the statute change by the bench I did lol. Anyway keep it up looking forward to DV 18!

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