Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

What comes next | January 2017

Taking care of personal stuff for 2017
Fixing and organizing models for optimizing project files
Organizing content
When possible assembling models for Cheap Tricks III Chapter 13

More personal stuff 2017
Cheap Tricks III Chapter 13

Secondary/next Projects - NO RELEASE DATE AVAILABLE
CT and DV age study
Cheap Tricks III Chapters 14 and 15 - Base script ready
Domina's Valley Chapters from 19 to 24 rewrite, reorganize + new ideas + Bundle Render
Cheap Tricks Back to the past project
Projects DO, Emerald, Average Guy, RBTM, TB, MGts - Base script and characters under development, most of them are close to their first chapter but they are not priorities.ew Ideasundle
NA - Giantess related story being developed with another GTS writer (paused)

Whatever I'm doing, if possible, will be posted here.


  1. How hard would it be to make CT's and/or DV into video form? I think that would be a cool idea for the future.

    1. Impossibly hard atm :(
      I would need a team to build each pose from scratch for a movie, while in the "one-pose-per-frame" I save a lot of time using pre-built poses for the base pose and just then I change the details.
      Imagine that I have about 9 different hand in the hips pose and if I would make one of them from scratch I would take 40 minutes, while in the pre built I use only one click for the base and 5 minutes for adjusting for the final pose.
      The problem is that posing set has different base and hip axis, then, when you put one after other the character rotates like crazy...

    2. Oh wow, that does sound like a lot of work and not to mention time consuming, still would be awesome to see I think.

  2. Cant wait for CT13. Hope Marina and Phoebe grow again!!!

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  4. Do you think there would ever be the possibility of you writing an almost exclusively BE story as opposed to GTS? I think your BE sequences and character models are some of the best in the industry, and would love to see just that part highlighted for at least one story.

    1. Thanks :)
      Actually I have no plans for BE Exclusive, I mean, giantesses are so much more exciting to me that I almost forgot about average BE. Maybe, one day I get a good Idea I can make a little one.


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