Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Dominas Vallens - Lore 1

There was a woman almost as feared as the Amazon Queen.

And she wasn't even the Amazon champion. Her power could not be silenced by the hammers of the mountains warriors, by the fury of the doomed creatures or by the thirst of the vampires kin because her powers were not destructive, they were constructive, an overwhelming bless, and she could make women grow channeling the power of the Moon!

In truth, she was the unique in her lineage: powerful, wise and, sometimes, dangerous, taking actions that were forbidden by the ancient laws.

Some warriors old enough to remember the War of the Domina could swear she made the a whole Amazon's detachment grow in the middle of the battlefield, what resulted in a glorious victory.

That action resulted in Dominas Valens Champions, true giantesses whose power was challenged only by their own beauty.

It was also the time when the Jungle Panther's queen rose and established a solid reign.

But the Supreme Priestess was not comfortable, she wanted something more.

Decades later, a princess would born and recognize the Priestess importance.

And that was the not the first mistake of Dominas Valens' last Princess...

- Well, there was myself again filling in the gaps when I realized I had to make the ancient Priestess model. There is she, with some lore for the next installment of Domina's Valley.

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