Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Setbacks happens

You know when everything looks to be going right and suddenly it isn't?

That's almost what's happening now.

Like Tony in this render, I'm doing a my best to keep my beloved giantesses healthy and growing while the whole world around seems to make stuff harder.

Despite the fact I work 100% legally with content, software and everything else in my life, paying all the taxes and etc. of a hobby business, I've got some new online shit to take care - you heard right, shit - stuff that sometimes we can't do because of real life, I mean, unlike Tony I don't have the support of a psycho-Audrey to do it and understand.

Then, if suddenly the shop stops working, just go to my Deviant Art Page that stuff will still be online there while I take care of this.

This page is secured, my content is secured, you sales are 100% registered, just don't worry, I'l keep around whatever happens :)

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