Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22


Dear guys,

From now on for buying my comics you must go to my page at DeviantArt at http://bmtbguy.deviantart.com/

For buying Domina's Valley comics:

For buying Cheap Tricks comics:
*Remember that Cheap Tricks keep being free at GTSartists.com

For buying Crossover Series... well, it will be offline for a while, please forgive me.


What happened?
Just bureaucracy. I need time to fix that.

Is it safe buy at DeviatArt?
Absolutely safe.

How to be sure it is really you?
Because it has my name in the url "bmtbguy.deviantart.com" and because I'm a core member 'till the hell freezes over, with the little fire symbol and so, I've bought a 7 years subscription there.

How I buy comics there?
Create your free account, buy deviant points via Paypal or Credit Cards, go to the comic page and click the "PURCHASE" in the right side of the screen.

Will this page go down?
Nope, it will always be here, don't worry, and I'm still working a lot for keeping this.

And thanks, as always, for all the support :)


  1. You're also quitting releasing them on gtsartists.com?

    I won't be buying trough deviantart just for the sake of the hate to buy intermediate vritual currency, I will have to buy 800 points for 10 euro to buy your comics of 7,50euro. And be left with useless 2,50 worth of points that I won't use...

    Please reconsider!

    1. Hello, Phoenix.
      I can't, they left no option to me, I gave a look around and it is Deviant art or quit.
      Anyway, I did all the math necessary to sell it in the exact U$D price-per-point, absorbing 100% of D.A. taxes and this is all I can do now. About the remaining points, well, you can use in a next purchase from me or any other artist, I'm really sorry for everybody but I'm stuck. The next sales will tell me if I will keep doing it, find other ways to keep this or even quit.

      Best Regards.

    2. Please Don't quit your works are fantastic! I'll pay whatever I have to to obtain DV and CT's, as well as other works you may eventually make :D so please don't quit!

    3. I'll do my best to keep working with this :)

  2. I don't care for virtual currency though that being said if that's what you have to do to sell the content then count me in.

  3. any clue on when the next chapter of DV comes out?
    next month or so?

  4. what about CT? will the next chapter be out soon?


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