Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

The golden girls are mad with me...

"Bmtbguy doesn't care about the blondes.

It is always the redheads, Caucasian, or black girls!

What about Audrey? She should be the tallest! She invented the stuff! And the Redheads rule the fucking story!

And Miss Domina? She is not the focus, it is always Jessy, Jessy, Jessy then Giselle, Giselle and Giselle again!

Why can't Bmtbguy be a normal guy and worship the real beauty of the world, the Blondes?"

I know, I know... nobody said it but I'm sure some of you are mad with me because of that. My fault, because I know a little amount of blonde girls, and it is complicated, because I don't fantasize much with blonde girls.

But now I can finally fix that.

Behold the final models of my next story:

Only the first chapter is written, remains tons of stuff to be done, some adjustments here and there...

Enjoy the view :)


  1. I'm guessing Emerald Project is the name of the new story? Heh more like Blonde Project eh? :P :) Anyway the characters look promising and of course you have to have more female characters than male, that just goes without saying lol. I know you usually stick with mini-gts's but, maybe with this story someone should become a mega-gts eh? Show people that you don't always create the same kind of things you know? Just a suggestion, I think if you did something like that it would bring alot more fan base if you don't already have alot :)

    1. Haha, could be blonde project but I prefer give a tip about plot and title. About the height of the girls, I don't think I'm so much into mini gts, I mean, Cheap Tricks has Vanessa who is pretty gigantic and growing every time more, most girls there are going to be big enough and in Wishes for 2014 (free) we have a Giga Giantess and in Crossover Series (paid) a Macro giantess.

      I let the Mega Giantesses to short ideas because it is hard to write something to them.

      I'll post some renders then you say I'm not doing Mega Giantess Stuff.

  2. When will you release that? I'm excited about new stories of you. About mega, i'm not into this stuff too. My preference is Jessy height like! thanks

    1. This is a story under development, it is a bit far from its first chapter...


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