Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Cheap Tricks - The story with history.

This last chapter of Cheap Tricks III, chapter 6, was a long adventure.

First, this should be named "Meanwhile that" as the first chapter of Cheap Tricks III, when the characters would talk about what happened to Vanessa, Tony, and then Marina back in the city.

It was a boring chapter with a good  potential, I mean, all the chapters are based in scenarios, it is somewhere someone does something GOOD, what makes my stories enjoyable, and thas one was really poor, just like some of CT II chapters. Steve and Jessica were not in this first sketch and despite of the programmed growth for some characters it would be a waste of time.

Back to the conclusion of Cheap Tricks II, the chapters that followed were definitive for the rest of the story, where I gave the final form to the actual plot, trowing away the complicated old sketch of CT III - Back to the countryside, CT IV - Back to the big city and then the CT V "The Giantess City".

The old story line I decided to "kill" when I released CT III - 1 could stuck the growth and be boring, and now I see that I did the best thing because I can grow my girls a lot with this new story line, and I see that you guys enjoyed it.

Now, back to the adventure bringing back the scenario to the actual story line, I was just recovering myself of the special chapter I lost at the end of 2013. It was the first huge loss after my first try to migrate to DS4. Yep, I was working all the time with the old DS3a.

Working with old projects is a risk, I mean, I was using an old poses set to bringing a commemorative 3 years of Cheap Tricks Chapter, and when it was nearly done it just didn't render or export. Fucking waste of time :(

The "Cheap Tricks" history is like a Drama, I mean, first chapter was a mess, then I bought more memory, then I had to buy even more, then I changed computers and set my own content (my first content wasn't fully mine, I had just the projects and a huge dependency of reloading some stuff for building the assets for loading each project again in new installations), and when I managed to fully set my own content the old project issues, models rebuild from scratch and more stuff crashing though the way.

In these last months, I've been carefully checking model by model, abandoning some stuff that stopped working, applying special shaders just in the end of the projects, improving some stuff that was just not good enough and seeing the rendering time grows taller than my giantesses.

It was getting weird. The rendering time was killing me, more than the program crashes (because 3D programs just CRASH when they want), this time, it was new projects that stopped opening.

I was terrified. Domina's Valley 11 kept loaded in my computer for months because I was afraid it stop opening. I had multiple saves of all the files before the project conclusion, and Cheap Tricks III-6 went the exactly same way.

Since real life is thought, I must do my stuff, then my short time became shorter because of personal improvement appointments. And then the hard hit: in the last crash, out-of-memory of video or RAM, about 3 weeks ago, the project stopped opening.

I was in the 132th render, in the middle of a sequence that I spent DAYS for making it.

Don't be fooled by the fetish story stuff, because I spend a lot of time improving my scene, model, relative reality, render settings and planning the best thing that could happen, and that takes a lot of time, a lot of attention.It is a hobby, I know, but I want it REEEALY good.

To not tell that I spend more 2 whole days posing the rest of the story until the end, and I was almost 100 renders from the finish.

DS has a complicated working hierarchy with programs assets and etc, and I would need to fool it for making my project open again.

I re-installed the programs. Rebuild shaders, opened old versions, re-saved models... but all that opened were those until the 90th posed picture.

I was done. ...

I tried opening it again and again and nothing. Drivers test, loading tries, re-installs.... Nothing worked.

The dream was over.

And there went about about 2 days without thinking in anything. Just work, home and sleep.

I thought about quitting. It was getting too hard to me, I mean, I'm human, I just think dumb things.

After a day or two thinking. I realized that these years of storymaking the most important thing I did was learning and having fun, making whatever I wished.

Years ago I was a lurker... but I wished something bigger than I was seeing in our comunity... I wished a 7 feet tall girlfriend - oh shit, wrong post hehe  - I mean, I wished to see my dreams coming true and I was finally doing it, I was a Giantess Content Creator. Should a content creator let his creations die?

My girls deserved a new chance.

But it was like me, a poor 74 kg guy, rescuing each of them, and I'm talking about half-a-ton girls, to not tell the Jewells hidden in my Hard Disk...

There was just one remaining chance, and even that chance could ruin all the other stuff due to the installation consequences and the possibility of the project not render. I was awakening, once again, the monstrous DS4, the slowest and most full of bugs program ever run in my computer. I had to try it.

I began it slowly. Researching, copying all my content, backing it up...

When I opened it (yes! YES!!!).

The scene was a weird (SHIIIIIT!!!)...

I tested the rendering. It worked :)))))

Half way done.

I spend extra time correcting poses, proportions, re-installed updated stuff, deleting unnecessary things... crazy things happened and I corrected all of them.

Then, once the first set of fixes were done for rendering a dozen of renders I had 2 sweet surprises:
1.) The last version of the program was not so slow, it was smooth and didn't crashed any time.
2.) The render was FASTER THAN NEVER!

I will make some extra tests but seems that their new version, 4.6.2, is good enough for immediate migration, hopefully with an interface fast enough for building my stories.  I hope now the stories can be released faster :))))))))))

I'm on the last renders, it is in the English language correction stage and remains some postwork. I hope I can deliver it really soon.

Then guys, you will tell me if it worth the extra effort and wait for bringing this chapter alive.

Best regards.



  1. I can't tell you how much I respect you and the rest of the giantess rendering community. You have all the respect I can give you. I look forward eager and with unlimited excitement for the last chapter. If you think it's worth the journey then hell i'm with you! Godspeed and I hope for the best in the upcoming completion of all your new endeavors and rendering projects! It's been a wonderful life story for Cheap Tricks from the beginning and I still hold true to the fact that Cheap Tricks is my absolute favorite giantess rendering project. It's the greatest thing to come out in the community in my opinion. Thank you for all the work, time, and effort you've put into this, I worship such dedication.

    - A Dying Fan

  2. I second that motion! You, Alex and Tetsu are by far the best I've seen in what you guys do so far. I think that if you could show how much process goes into making just one pose/render I think everyone that follows you guys would never leave from your fan base, I know I will never leave! :)

  3. Take your time with it you do such good work. I would add Efron to that list Kyle. As for the 7 foot woman I wish there was enough too share

    1. Where can I go to see Efron's work?

    2. Efron is the creator of the Gwen's series, a real classic.
      He has a web page with stories but I'm not sure the address (I lost my links) but he is in DA too at http://efron241.deviantart.com

  4. amazing and very lovely !!
    how we can get Debra magazine ?

    1. Register at GTSartists.com and go to the old magazine issues in the user menu.


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