Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

3 years of Cheap Tricks - Dead models and new horizons.

Hello guys, some update.

I've been working in a 3rd project during CTIII-5 and DV10, I would deliver it until the end of the month, but it is not possible anymore: it doesn't render.

It had old projects elements that stop working on DS3, I spent the whole week trying to fix it even in DS4.6, export it and etc., but it didn't work, maybe because part of it was way too old and was working with many new updated morphs and models. And this ends the last possibility of  recycling old stuff, it is a security issue, also kills this last project. I'm not sure I'm going to try it again anytime soon.

This may also end with old projects files and the beginning of something new. Funny that old things become new all the time, because I used a very old lighting stuff here: pretty nice quality. Not yet with all the quality I wished, but still a nice option.

The not-so-nice thing is that Marina won't survive this update. Her base model is lost (that's a long story) and every time I try to clone old models of her to new bases it "kills" the project file making it useless, so you can say goodbye to her because this is her last render.

Of course, I will do my best to make the "New Marina" look like the old one.

I'll make some test with this lighting and some skin improvements, reinstall some programs that are not working propperly, maybe solve some computer issues and make some 3D studies before come back with CT and DV.

Talk to you guys again soon.


  1. keep up to good work man :).. can't for the next cheap tricks chapter :)

  2. cant wait for CT chapter* :)
    your artwort so awesome


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