Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tips for Living a Giantess Dream

Oh, a long post today.

Instead of just saying I'm tired and stopped posing DV9 for nothing, I'd like t tell you guys that Domina's Valley, besides the funding models and hardware, has a second special use for me: refreshes my mind.

Before Cheap Tricks I was a "professional lurker", thanks to my (very) bad English and because, well, I just wanted to see stuff. I never said anything, but I was full of nice references.

For living a true Giantess Dream you must see new things or create new things. Not copy, ok, just get inspired by new possibilities. And it is this that I do with Cheap Tricks when I'm tired of Domina's Valley, and I play with Domina's Valley when I'm tired of Cheap Tricks.

This way a lot of new ideas come into my mind for making better chapters for actual giantesses, in CT, and for really slow growing real life like in DV.

Another tip for Living a Giantess Dream is to keep in shape. 

Seems that Tony is really interested in this exercise. Giant boobs are perfect for that: firm and the same time soft. They're ready for being squeezed and kissed, all day long.

Haha, I do some exercise too, but not with real giant boobs :P

Ah, I did also the measures for the girls in CT 3-4:

5'10” (178cm)
13'3” (435cm) / ref 242.5
10'4” (315cm) / ref 174.0
9'8” (295cm) / ref 164
7'10” (238 cm) / ref 131,4
6'3 (190cm) / ref 105
8'9” (267cm) / ref 148.0
12" (366cm) / ref 203.5
3'3” (99cm) / ref 53.9
5'1” (155cm)
7'1” (215cm)
6,6 (200cm)
6'6 1/2 (201cm)
7'9” (236cm)
5'7” (170cm)

This is official, then I can remember you guys that Vanessa is really 13'3" tall and I did a horrible error in CT 3 -1 when she said she was 13 feet. It should be 12 :( she grew more than 1 feet since chapter 1.

Talk to you guys again soon, now I will relax a bit and get back into DV after that.

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  1. Great funny picture and thank u for the measurements. Hope there are no new problems at DV.


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