Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

DV9 related picture - Forsaken and Thirsty

I hope you guys enjoyed the last picture of the giantess in the jungle.
She is pretty and gorgeous. And hot. And gigantic. Also, healthy.

But in the picture above the reality is not so beautiful, and the text explain "her" real situation: forsaken and thirsty.

Five and one "things" spare her from her freedom, and here comes the questions...

Who is she?
What could happens if she get released?
Who can release "her"?

One more mysterious character from Tales From Domina's Valley has been placed in chapter 9.

Sweet Nightmares to all of you ;)


  1. did you ever make your story sooner or later?

    1. Sorry, I'm not sure about the meaning of your question, but I think that it is about the status of my stories, right? CheapTricks 3-4 is rendered awaiting for text revision and Domina's Valley 9 has 2 of 6 scenes ready to render.

    2. Maybe he means: Do u have a story before u make all the chapters or do ur story "grows" with the chapters?

      At Topic:

      Man... u bring so much suspense in ur entries xD Know i wanna know what comes in the next chapters.

      Maybe it is me.... but... she also looks like Jessy for me xD... Giselle or Jessy "The Queen"?

      Who knows?... only u ;)

    3. Haha, yes, I know the suspense is hard to deal with, but it is part of the business.

      About the story writting, well, it is like a "real life story", the destiny is set but the decisions can make it go for one or another way: even when I have a story line ready to be written, it is impossible to do it at once, and it often to change accordingly to the capabilities of my 3D program and from myself.

      Also, sometimes I find something interesting to add in the story. Some nice examples of this are professor Veronica, that should appear and disappear and now she is part of the story for a long time and Eden.

      Eden was complicated, I did her and when I tried to redesign for put her in the story I couldn't. After months I could finally do it, but it was a lucky combination and now she is there.

      It is almost like a movie from a comic story, when the director changes some parts the story in order to make it more interesting or to make it possible but don't change the main story.

  2. Never mind i got mixed with Jessy-Study for a new story at the end it looked like you said you were making a story called Sooner or Later but I'm a fast reader and i missed an entire word what you really said was she was going to be in a story sooner or later. My mistake. PS i love the new Cheap Tricks it was amazing cant wait to see the next Domina's Valley.

    1. Yes, that was just the sketch, I wasn't sure I would create the story for that idea. DV9 is on the way, 3 of 6 scenes posed. This chapter can get really huge...

    2. i cant wait to see Jessy again i loved the ass growth then breast growth at the end of the last chapter it was amazing


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