Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

The phantom of the Eternal Render or Blue Screen

I've been dealing with 3D render in DS about 3 years, learning a lot of stuff and suffering for not having a fast computer, enough memory, knowledge and models.

The time I remember I began working with DS I had 256 ram in a older computer, then upgraded to 512, later 1gb and then 2G in a P4 computer.

CT 1-4 was one of the hardest stuffs I did in that time, because I had not enough memory. The scene got bigger than it should then I lost a lot of tries, needing to divide the scene in 4 parts :(

After that I knew I had to make regular upgrades in order to improve the development of my work, and that was asking for money.

In CT2, most of the scenes were built on a new computer, 4gb of ram, also the first chapters of DV were built on it, but still, problems with memory limits on WinXP prevented me to make better stuff. The ambient occlusion was also impossible to do because of the rendering time in a Core 2 computer takes too many time and memory.

The crashes in the middle of rendering, posing ans saving were continuous... days of work lost for nothing... just because I owned a poor computer. Not my fault, I did my best, but I didn't had money. Poor P4 was having multiple bugs :(

The core 2 was my last computer where the phantom of the Blue Screen kept surrounding me every time. The Eternal Render was another phantom, like the Donation render 1 of CT, took more than one day to be rendered, it was my first official render in Uber.

Then I said to myself: if you want to do it right, do it right! New computer, x64 operational system (w7), I began selling stuff and bought a no-break. The high quality render era has begun! I uses all the 16gb of ram of my brand new computer trying to do my best, improving the models and the rendering configs, while the blue screen phantom disappeared, the Eternal Render phantom began surround me when I look for improving quality.

All you know is that DV6 average render time was 15 hours.

What you don't know is that while rendering the last part of DV8 one of the renders took 30 hours!

Don't worry, I deleted the extra lights and I'm rendering in parts. It is going to be delivered in the beginning of December.

About my computers:

The old P4 is broken, I almost destroyed it rendering stuff. I had to underclock the processor in order to keep it running, and of course, it was donated but stopped working in a couple of months.

The Core 2 is working but with a lot of bugs, underclocked too, maybe because of the overheat, and may not work with heavy programs again.

My actual computer, an i7 Quad (generation 2) is also underclocked and I hope it keeps running for a long time.

There are plans to buy a new computer to faster rendering, but this will happen when the 6 core processor get cheaper or if I find a way to build a dual processor computer. I won't upgrade for the 3rd Generation of the Quad because it would bring me just 20% of speed.

See you guys.


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