Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

A proud man: Domina's Valley 8

I've been improving all my stories with techs and new stuff I buy, every new story I'm testing or using something new. Many time I delayed stories in order to do that, but that's not a bad thing since I could save rendering time and improving the final aspect, trying to render something more natural and beautiful to the eyes without having to wait a month for a story render get ready.

The funny thing is that I often to apply new stuff in with Cheap Tricks, and after that in Domina's Valley. Not funny huh?

The times I did something new in Domina's Valley was on chapter 1 (shadows in the old edition) and 6 (light emitting textures). In chap 6 it was a big waste of time because it was possible to do it faster, but I didn't had the tool.

The worse part is that the university's corridor never was "good". I felt like a fake ambient light despite of the multiple lights I used... most of them "burning" the textures.

Now the story is different. Take a look on Tyson and Marcella: it is the same light behavior I always wanted to get inside the building! Multiple smooth lights like in a normal building, with soft crossing shadows, not burning the textures. The render time increased a bit, but the quality really worth.

I'm also adding a 3rd "key element" that changes the appearance of the render about 15%, plus the post work script there are 4 elements in the picture above. This is result of 1 year and a half researching, improving, remaking and, thanks to the sales and donations, buying new stuff!

Once again, I'd like to thank you guys for all your support, it gave me hope and prevented me to quit one year ago.

If you guys didn't support me, the renders of Cheap Tricks 3 would look like this:

It has shadows, but it is ugly huh?

Then, remember to not distribute illegally my stuff or the stuff of any other artists, this money help us to keep doing it and improving the community.

Don't have money? Do like us: extra work. I've been testing and working on this and other projects many weekends, holidays, many nights and morning sleeping the minimum possible in order to do it.

And man, it paid EVERY model I use, every program and shader, my stuff is clean stuff, and I'm proud of it.

The modelers are also happy, they live with their model sales, and don't think I model every stuff from scratch because one story like this on a 3D studio built from scratch could cost 500.000 U$D. Our community would disappear without them.

Remember, most of us (if not all of us) are not rich. It is horrible to want that advanced shader but you can't buy it because it is that or your food. That or your cat or dog. It is a problem...

Thanks again, and remember, after Cheap Tricks I will keep on free stuff, I'm just not sure witch story, but I will keep respecting and making part of the community with one free story and with one paid comic. If I get rich, well, 2 stories for free, but this just if I get rich :p


  1. Great to see good news from u.

    It is worth to buy ur stories because u show us improvements and the pic for DV 8 shows it again.

    The only thing i dont like in this post is that u wanted to quit a year ago because than i would have never "met" u. Dont give up ur (fun)work and i hope i can give u some money for DV 8 in a few weeks ;)

  2. I love you man, because your prices appropriate, I mean, you are not ask more than 4 to $ 6 for one part. Others asking for more than $ 8 or 9 and I can not pay it every month.I know that I don't speak much english I'm sorry for that

  3. Thank you guys for your comments. CT Donation, RaidenRaid, was my 1st try on doing things the right way, DV was the second. It was a good thing that it worked, since that I did everything 100% right, and that's why I keep doing it, because it is ok. About the prices, well, it is a policy to me never ask more than I would pay, is the same policy I use for buying models, but I don't want to be compared to the other artists in this issue because every artists know how is his work, I wouldn't interfere on this. Anyway, thanks for your considerations, tall girls, it is a another sign I'm doing it right.


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