Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Let's mess with Audrey (and with my real life)

This month I had to stop most of my GTS works because of the real life and some improvements.

I'm buying, researching, downloading, installing and when I can I continue the characters assembling for the new stories. DV8 character assembling seems done and some scenes had begun already, but I'm so tired lately that I can't stay in just one project.

I'm getting tired of everything thanks to the intense working on everything, home stuff, real life work stuff, 3dGTS Stuff, not mentioning I  have no real life out there, I'm quite of dead since the beginning of this year, but this is not bad, all the stuff seems to be working, I just need to finish stuff and that's what I'm doing: everything a has bit of my time.

Until 3D stuff don't pay my bills it will be like this, but I'm close to a happy ending on this, I just need a bit more of work, and, speaking of giantesses, a bit more of fun.

That's it: i put some clothes on Phoebe for and Jessica and I placed Audrey for a comparison. Ah... no way, she was naked. No problem, time to her pay for her sins, after all she is playing with everyone's life lately. Hahaha you deserve it Audrey!


  1. If u find some freetime to make the 3dGTS Stuff, do u work on both stories (CT and DV) at the same time or one by one. I think one by one is better for u cause it gives u the feeling that u finish something and this can motivate u... especially when u are proud of ur work :)

    I hope the future is good for u and u can handle ur real life..... but also the giantesslife... put ur head up ;)

    btw: "A little big problem"... thats not good to know now, cause now u made me curious and i wanna know what will happen next but i also know that it will take a long time till i (we) will know it xD

    1. Sometimes, when I'm tired and doing a lot of things I can't take something huge to do, like a script or posing a scene, then I make characters assembling for future scenes from any story. For posing and rendering I can't do this at the same time, it is impossible lol.

  2. For sure u can work the way u can work... just hope u r doing well and find some more time for ur "fun" :)


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