Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley Chapter 7 Released!

This is the beginning of the Part Two of this story, called Autumn's Whispers.

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Portuguese Version:

Spanish Version:

There is an study I did for this story, you can see the gallery here: 

It is just a sketch from 2011 march 5th, I think the original file is lost but, that day,  I've created Jessy, Andrew and Alice, but just Jessy had a name. Anyway, she still needed a story to be in.

Life imitates Art... but this time I wanted to make Art imitates real life, the same way I got amazed by a girl that was half of my age but was taller than me, with the body of a goddess. Man, she was gorgeous, but not my main inspiration yet .

After that another superdeveloped girl in spot made me aware that some girls are not from this world: giant boobs into slim bodies, towering curvaceous hourglass girls appearing suddenly in your neighborhood , 6' tall girls that don't look like models but like girls 5' tall girls giant sized and hot as hell, super tall mothers as gorgeous as their adult tall daughters, real giantesses on the web, and other blesses from the nature everywhere... 

For that I developed my perfect world in a complex plot, almost 6 month planning, writing on my mail chapters and more chapters, matching heights, time, researching models, reasons and creating the story of an ancient amazon civilization before the posing the first chapter... 

That time, the University scene was the main scene, Giselle has born (in my mind lol), Monique was planned long ago and now had a body, Miss Knoda, Miss Domina and her younger sister Marcella, Stan (who was George and was REALLY old lol), Jana, Vivian (who should be Jessica) and Mr Gordon (that should be a fat giant man and now is athletic) Veronica (who should be Vanessa or Valeria and more secondary)  and other characters were already living in my dream, fighting each other for a better place. 

Once again, it happened like I said to a friend before: the characters can be just characters, even if you make them exactly like a person, they're nothing out of a story, that is their life. You will just know then when you give life to them, when you give a story to them to live. They got out of control! 

And of course, this is nice!

Jessy became a immature girl, Monique acts like her mother and is a sweet girl, Jessica is a pain in the ass all the time,  Alice is an angel good person, Andrew is intelligent, not a fool like he should be, Giselle is a high class girl instead of a boring huge boobed girl, Marcella is nasty, Veronica charmed me and took place of Miss Domina in chapter 7 in a VERY important scene.

They're alive, and they're different of that I planned, but still, I love it!

The part one, A Little BIG Girl, is just the introduction of the story, all the most important foundations are there, if  you read it, every new chapter you got from now will be like a spider web in your mind, you're just in a trap, but you're not afraid: the deeper you get into this wonderful reality, the better you will feel... you will feel closer...


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