Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Once again, time for study

It is always time for improvements, and now I'm working on a clean installation of DS4.

Oh, wait, don't worry, I've got a full backup of everything if anything goes wrong, and I will keep working on  DS3 until I find a secure way to bring our girls to DS4.5.

Anyway, CT and DV were built to fit to DS3 limits and will keep going this way until they're finished, and this will not be so soon, because DV has just begun and CT has something like more 10 chapters ahead.Remember that the main reason for using DS3 is that its deformers work perfectly, it is the most amazing stuff I had ever seen on this programs, makes giant boobs under small clothes feel real.

The stuff I bought and keep buying with your support is helping me to learn more and more, and if I find a way to get real money with this stuff, man, I'm going to have a LOT of fun, and of course, you guys may get
better stuff. DS4.5 is a consequence, it is the perfect standard to me because Genesis offers a lot of improvements that I want to explore.

The new Projects:

The project Jade is a cute stuff, still, I had no time for developing it. Maybe I could do it fully on DS4 without much problem, there are no giant tits to fit under those mad genesis magnets.

There is a new one I've been thinking these days, it is a global king of gts story, bot for this one I must be mastering on ds4 and other programs, because I'm planning on using cloth ripping and much more interaction than I have now between out characters. No pictures about this one, I must develop the main story line (global), the local story, the family story and the characters, a long way ahead.

See you guys on the next story.

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