Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Little Biggest Problem

Oh wait, this is not a problem, not under a nice story line.

The script for this chapter, Cheap Tricks III Chapter 4, has begun, and you guys can wait for something like a 100 pictures chapter, but hopefully about 150-200, will depend of the scene building and POVs.

Thanks to the Tales From Domina's Valley sales I could buy new stuff, then, building scenes with new items is dangerous meanwhile any other project is rendering, then I will keep the script line and build the scene later.

The donations and sales from Tales From Domina's Valley are being used 100% with the buying of models, software and improvements, then, if you want to contribute, buy it!

It was not possible to get a hardware upgrade yet... light test for the scenes and rendering takes a long, long time... I still need to sell a lot for getting an upgrade for building this stuff even faster.

Remember, every time you download an illegal copy of my work (or of the work of any artist) you prevent us from creating better stuff. I'm playing fair with EVERYONE, and I keep building free stuff, then guys, please, don't cheat.

Sweet dreams for those who feed the giantess community!

*ps. If you can't pay, don't cheat, do this: there are many ways of get money online, attending to surveys. It is possible to get some cents or even some dollars. Then, send it to your paypal account and buy the comic. It is fair and it is good for all of us. Google it and, please, BE CAREFUL.

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