Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Tales From Domina's Valley 22
Tales From Domina's Valley 22

Good and Bad news

There are always good and bad news in our lives.

First the good ones: I could achieve the shadow settings I wanted, Bryce is running, I've found a perfect scenario for CTIII-2 and I built Tony's new house.

Now the bad news...

I think I've lost the main project scene for DV5, it is not opening and even the backups are not openig also. I'll have to rethink CTIII-2 because I've found a better scene for it and my computer is not updating the windows. The result is a couple of system problems. I'll have to re-install the computer again, and if DV don't open I will take a bit of time trying to rebuilt it OR I'll have to change the story: I've got 15 high resolution models in that scene, and a couple of low poly's. Maybe the file is too big. Maybe not. After re-installing my system I will find it out. I hope no have to change the chapter 5 because of  system limits or Daz Studio Limits :(

See ya.


  1. the problem is just with DV-5 or it affects DV-4 too? hope you can solve this without loosing anything. Good luck

    1. DV 4 is already rendered, so there's no problem in not opening it. Just DV5 was not opening. And at this moment I could solve the problem! Thanks.


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