Cheap Tricks - Back to the past

This was that kind of weird week, Really strange, I couldn't focus in anything serious, it was like the day was just wrong.

Then replied a couple of comments and I've caught myself looking back in the story of Cheap Tricks.

I had nothing to do with the mood I was... I was bored and needed something new and, here is it, the "remake" of the original characters's height.

This is the first step into the HD remake of Cheap Tricks books 1 and 2.

The plan is simple: Use this height chart and the old data I have to set 34 height charts covering all chapters growth (sequence) and use it for rebuilding the base story.

Every single chapter will be revised, rewritten, reposed, in order to offer a superior quality comic, something like we already have, and delete all the old story.

+Update - now it has their original sizes and actual sizes.


  1. Thank you for doing this, I kept hoping that this would eventually get done. Just wondering what sort of rewriting you are talking about?

    1. After reading the old chapters, remembering the info and reading some of my own posts I noticed the storytelling is not good at all, it needs to be improved. For fixing that I will rewrite the chapters, keeping the base story.

    2. What are you going to do about the character's ages? I think it would be good if you gave all the giantesses a set age and because they grow it causes them not to age any further and once they reach a certain height say 12ft. they start to get younger like Vanessa does.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Age is a point of view that we have because of the loss of the childish looking, full development of body and mind and, after a couple of decades depending of genetics and life style, the slow degradation of the body due to smaller cell renew. Let's say that when they start growing their body achieve high cell division rate and their body development reaches the maximum standard, making a person that is older to have the attributes of a full developed body, around 18 depending of the genetic reference, but with the health of a person that is even younger. That doesn't make themselves exactly younger because they're already full developed and their mind's age can't be changed. Also, the point with age/kids and all taboo exist because a person MUST reach a certain age BEFORE doing a lot of things because before that it can harm their body and mind. Once the giantesses are almighty and don't regress in mental faculties I can tell they keep their age but their body don't suffer from aging anymore. I wouldn't mind into making them into a metamorphosis cycle taking the excuse they could replace all their cell in a few months for a new infant stage after a huge growth spurt to make them through a real second puberty and maturing (Vanessa became twice her height in a couple of months and a giantess in a year and half - how many of her original cells are there? She is 1.6 years old in most of her cell age - but that's not really surprising because our longest living cell cycle is about 10 years, then most of us are 10 years old in cell life units) but then the taboo and hypocrites would destroy it with hatred.

  2. I like the new chart, one thing I'd like to see if you don't mind, since you are sort of having to redo these anyway, is add some scenes in there showing Jessica drinking Phoebes milk and having reactions about growing, like Phoebe mentions in Chapter 1 would be interesting to see I think.

  3. So did some checking, last time I could find Phoebe actually growing was in CT3-3. Now that they are working to get back the machine and such I feel that you may have a perfect opportunity. She already carries around one part of the growth process. So if when they get the machine back, the light was left on when it gets plugged in she could be in a position where she gets a large dose and isnt aware immediately. She is my favorite because she doesnt want to grow so eagerly like the others and she has the greatest looking set of assets imo. Would be greatly appreciated tho if she had a nice big spurt anyway though! Thanks for the great content regardless and keep up the great work!


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