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I know I should be doing Cheap Tricks but  had to do this one before the idea vanished.

 Scenario - Victor has born in what we call a good era: women is now taller than men, not just taller, they are a lot BIGGER them. They born the same size but while men kept their development girls grow a lot more, and keep growing beyond adolescence, they aren't even sure how long it goes!

It was time for the annual Family photo shoot. Like always, first foto was their parents and this is the second one, with the first male son. His mom, Morgana, is considered "short" for a woman but she is worshiped by his dad, Vlad. Actually he sticks on her all the time he can, but he must stay home, taking care of the house while she works. Victor is a bit annoyed because his dad is 6' (180cm) he is only 5'7"(170cm), it means that he got the "short genes" from both sides, the last time he grew an inch or so was when he was 14, and that was "a century ago".

In the other hand, his older sister, Amanda, obviously got all the tall genes she could: women from dad's family were taller than average, then Amanda towered over her mother, a bit above the average society's ratio - women's hips were as tall as men in most cases. She is older than he but her long legs and young looks makes her look like a teenager. She treats him as "big brother", but that's clearly a joke, even because when he stopped growing she made him notice every new growth spurt she had, at the same time he was studying that once in the past women was shorter than men...

But it gets worse, or better depending of the point of view: he has a younger sister, Dana, that is obsessed in becoming an Idol model. She has long legs, hot thighs and ass, and big, really big boobs. She loved the fact she is taller than she should be at that age and she keeps sticking her ass in her brother's face saying - Hey, my hips got taller than you again! That terrifying... almost all his friends have her in the social network, and they say she is the hottest Idol online, even while she is a couple of inches below the official height. But that's not what annoys him most...

There's someone else in these family photos that makes it one of the less memorable moments in his life... the girl that can't see a camera, she always photobombs, everywhere.

Baby is his youngest sister, a colossus of young and healthy growing female flesh, and her favorite hobby is appear in photos she shouldn't be, and she loves doing it after a growth spurt. Ah, they call her Baby since her birth, almost anyone call her by her name, Barbara.

The doctors say she is mom's improved version, with tons of tit flesh - the next step in evolution. She has born much bigger than any of his sisters, and the first frase she learned was "I'm Beeg!" She has outgrown big sister when she was a kid and now, with full hormones on, her constant growth spurts make her legs and ass rip every pants she wears, and her breast can terminate a bra in a single night growth spurt.

Every time she grows the only cloth that insists to resist is the panties. Again, she'll be in the photo with only her arm covering her gigantic tits... not that it's a new trend, she use to grow every time we have an official photo, and when she outgrows clothes in the street she likes people to photograph her... his baby sister was the hottest girl in the planet, even the Idols has less access in the social network than she, and she is the reason his friends are home every day at 7 pm for "Baby's Diary", when she says how was her day... showing a lot of flesh even when she is "clothed".

Sometimes she just grows, from nowhere... and she has to find someone to show world how big she has gotten... Doc. said that if they allow to study her they can extend her genetic improvement to other women... Can you imagine that? A world of growing like crazy girls, just like his little sister?

Victor - "Damn, she just keeps growing! Come on, Baby, you don't know how to play, stop it! Dad will have to find a job and we'll have to do overtime only to feed our giantess baby sister!"


  1. please make side story like "growth diary" when little girl become large and large from not tall to giant, slyde by slide, outgrown her boyfriend !!! Thats the best story

    1. lol, this was just the concept, I'm not sure where I'm going to use them yet.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry, this one is focuses the young ones.

    2. so you have logical mistake , because if mom is smallest , it means when girls grow older , they shrink instead of growing !!
      but if mom be biggest , it means girls grows never stop and as they grow older they grow bigger too ;-)
      thank you ^_^

    3. "Morgana, is considered short for a woman",
      "women from dad's family were taller than average"

    4. ok :-)
      however i hope to see families with bigger moms , i mean moms are biggest ;-)
      thank you so much !

  3. Love it! For sure i would love it too, when there is coming more ;)

    Always this hunger xD

    1. I'm studying bigger ladies, this helps me to think about stories where all women is gigantic.

  4. THANKS for this, really enjoyed the concept...and Baby!!! Her breasts must eclipse ALL the women in her family combined.

    Is there a height chart to go along with this?

    Would love to see more of this world (i.e. Baby's friends for example), but I really don't want to take anymore time away from CT & DV.

    1. Thanks. Baby is something like the the ideas I had in past, a naughty super developed growing girl. But stories like this are really short, I must study how to deal with them.

  5. OMG i need my blood in the head, i will die of oxygen deficiency because you are too awesome BMTBGUY ^^


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