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I decided that spoilers are not a good thing and I'm posting only part of it. Sorry for that but I don't want to flood the blog with important parts of the story because, you know, it is already a free story, it need some mystery
As you can see, Audrey's plan will come true, I've finished the first scene and had to assemble the whole "beauty shop" again, it took almost one day but the final looks is useful, "realistic" and beautiful, from now on I will be working on this 2nd scene that will hold more than 75% of the story content, but don't worry, most of the hard work is done, the chapter scene is fully assembled, now it is time for posing.

I can't post the fist part yet because I need to save time, that means I must be rendering the 2nd part before revising the first one because I can keep a huge scene rendering while mounting the final pictures, that's a perk of having more RAM now.


  1. Can't wait to see where the story goes, would like to see in this chapter alot of ripping out of clothes and maybe a couple of naked in public scenes, especially with Vanessa ;)

    1. If cloth ripping was a bit easier to do I would do it every time, but it isn't :( , that's why Debra's clothes are elastic. In this department I have plans for a couple of tests and a hardware improvement, depending of the results we will start seeing cloth ripping and additional characters in the scenes more often.

    2. Aw, I understand. When you had Vanessa rip out of her bikini at the end of chapter 2, it did seem like it took a bit more effort to make happen. Hmm, would you consider doing another nightmare scene? Maybe have Audrey, Phoebe or Vanessa be 50ft+ and naked crushing someone?

    3. ^ Yeah that would be lovely

    4. The nightmares were funny, but the girls are already big enough for teasing him, and the plot took a different approach, I mean, he isn't upset about their height anymore. The only other guy having nightmares is Peter Tyson in Domina's Valley lol.

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    1. The last and biggest scene is not ready yet because I can't find time to do it. Real life just being real life :(

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    1. Not exactly, 50% of the renders are done but other 50% must be posed, rendered and then all the rest assembled for text placing. I'd say that 70% of all work is done, I just need time for the other 30%. Today I'm organizing stuff and replying dozens of messages. Tomorrow I'll be back to work in the story.


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