Bmtbguy Random Render 00039 and 00040

3rd look of the same girl ;)

Nothing to say but B (  •   )(   •   ) BS


  1. Thank you for updating Phoebe she looks even more amazing now! What do you planned to come out next? Would you please give us another schedule update, just so we can see what to look forward to? Personally I'd like to see one of your new stories next :)

  2. Now I'm cleaning the mess I did for building these stories and taking care of personal issues. Next I will build Cheap Tricks III - 8 I think.

    The new stories will need to wait because I need more time for developing them.

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! PHOEBE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!! BMTBGUY, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hey, I know this might be a weird request but, I'd like to see what Phoebe and Audrey would look like if they had red or even brown hair please? They are Vanessa's daughters but, neither one of them has red hair and I kind of always wanted to see at least Phoebe with red hair, you know just for shits and giggles?

    1. Lol! You really should. And I always found it weird that none of them look alike

    2. Hehe, true, 3 hair colors in a family. Believe or not there is a dialog in CT8 where Jessica asks this to Audrey.

      Well, that is not so weird when you think the fact they could be daughters of different fathers, what would make both girls hair a bit more brown.

      Today they would look different, but that year I was just learning this 3D thing, and now their hair color are perfect to their personalities...

      Maybe I can do a test later. For now I have to create a lot of resources for the next chapter and decide if I will need more hardware for that or not.


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