Domina's Valley 13 - Teaser 1

Here is the 1st official teaser for DV13.

For now I have a good part of the posing done, but this is a story with many scenes and models, what takes a lot time to do.


  1. Do you have an ETA on release or is it pretty unknown right now? I just re-read the whole series and I can't wait to see what happens, definitely want to see Giselle grow some more and I would like to see Jana get some inches too, I think she deserves it after having to deal with Vivian all the time :)

    1. No ETA for now. There is one more scene I must assemble and test, 3 more scenes with poses and a new character, plus the New Year stuff to do.
      Now that I can test it faster and have no crashes the story posing got easier but I'm working more in the plot once this is my "best story".

      I'll try to deliver it in January.

    2. Oh, Jana, always sweet Jana... I have nice plans for her ;)

    3. Great! It would be an awesome way to kick off the new year for sure :)

  2. amazing scenes !
    I love miss veronica's growth . I want to see she grow much bigger and bustier than others ^_^


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