Project Jade is over. But just look who is back ;)

Sometimes it is just too hard to keep going, and this is what happened to Jades's Project, that was not interesting at all.

The subject of the tallest girl in the world was not exactly good, the idea came without more inspiration and the study was incomplete. After thinking a lot about it I decided to "cancel" the project.

The point is that I put "her" in another story much more interesting and keeping all the good stuff she could show us in her original story.

Today I've found this cute face that suited her perfectly and I did some tests based in what is already written about this project. You know, I like the results ;)

Remain 1 project hidden from you guys.

Soon I will show you.


  1. the legs are too fat or too thick

    1. Maybe. It is just the first test with her.

  2. These new projects you are working on, are you going to make them free like CT's? or are you going to have them be paid for like DV?

    1. I'm not sure. The projects are there but one will be always free and other always paid in order to worth the time and money I put into this. When I get 2 of them ready I will try to decide.


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