Domina's Valley - Gift - Wishes for 2014

This is my 2014 gift to you guys who support and follow my work.

I did a little game in asking people about their wishes for 2014, posing the story in a system like a-wish-worth-a-picture.

Despite of the extra work for right by the end of year with 2 projects going I had this great idea bringing for the first time a "story" based in one of the longest sequences of growth ever seen, beginning from a 7' tall Jessy turning into a "goddess" Jessy.

The game was very funny and was my fist attempt to build a ultra giantess. It was funny because I let my instincts grow her into immense proportions, but I like girls as big as I can hug their waists or at least their breast, hehe.

Enjoy the story, it is outside the DV's story line and this chapter is free.


  1. Dude you should totally do something like this for CT's, maybe have a competition between Vanessa and Marina or something, cause I would love to see either one being an ultra giantess!

  2. wow this definitely has gotten me interested into the series

  3. THIS chapter is free?, you mean... there will be more? can't wait!


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