28th January 2014 - Last updates

Hello guys.

Last updates for my stories and etc:

  • DV 11 - The rendering is going VERY slow. I solved a couple of issues here and there but some renders just take a long time to get ready. Might because of the multiple lights once there are characters everywhere in that scene. Release time is now a mystery.
  • CT III 6 - Scripts going very well, thanks. I must be sure DV renders are good and I will also install a huge set of new content before assembling the remaining parts and posing. Release time - About 1 month after DV11 depending on the rendering time.
  • DV 12 - Script done, pending final revision and rendering count. I'm really anxious for posing this one.
  • CT III 7 - Script in the draft stage, nearly 20% done.
  • DV 13 - I'm planning about this, it will be the Winter season in Domina's Valley.
  • CT III 8 - Not even in my plans these days, but might feature Audrey beginning her GTS operation.
  • Secret Project 1 - 10 characters, 5 nearly the way I want. Might be a short story. Paid or not I don't know, I'm just studying it.
  • Hardware upgrade - The water cooler is doing its work (I might live in the neighborhood of Satan, hell, it is hot here) and I can't upgrade before they release something with real performance improvement by an affordable price. I'll need to wait until the next generation of processors by the end of 2014 because waht we have in the marker now are only 5-to-15% faster than my actual computer from 2010. What a shame, lntel :(
Real life is taking a lot of my attention, but every time I can I make something for the giantess dream.

Talk to you guys again soon :)


  1. Its good to hear from you! Was getting kind of worried that there were more problems with your hardware, glad to know that there weren't any. Lol it looks like you are trying to do alot, would be glad to help you but I don't know if my laptop would be able to handle the program and I wouldn't want something to get messed up you know? Best of luck to you and if you would like some help, even with something small, I could try to run the program that you use and see if it will work ok?

    1. Hi. Thanks for the offer, but my projects have an extensive list of content dependencies, it is impossible to open them outside my computer.

  2. sounds great keep up the great work YOUR THE BEST

    1. Realmente o seu trabalho é um dos melhores que tenho visto até hoje. Continue assim e publicando. Parecem muito reais e extremamente sensuais estas suas modelos.

  3. oh ya and bye the way what kind of thing do you do these amazing comics with. I think it would be fun to fiddle around with it and try to make one myself

  4. very good ^_^
    I always love your works !
    please continue them till we have a world of mini giantess females ;-)
    I want to live with a mini giantess mother and have a family like this :-)

    1. I've got an sketch of a story like this one, I just don't know when I'm going to do it.


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