Teaser for Cheap Tricks III - 6

Just playing around with Miss Pepper and Steve.


  1. Hope to see more growth from Karina and her girl , at least they be 10 ft tall ;-)

  2. The last one Jessica was at 9' 6" by the end so its highly possible, would like to see a height battle between Jessica and maybe Phoebe since they are relatively close in height right now.

  3. very good !
    so if Karina became Taller than her girl and Nat grows much bigger , it would be very amazing ^_^
    and hope that shortest female in the story be at least 8 ft tall !

  4. I don't like 9 ft or 10 ft it's very much I like man like 5'3 with girl 7 feet or 6'8 . or tall man like 6 ft shrinking Slowly to 4 feet

  5. hope there is alot more growth from little van, and from the rest of the girls in your story, and id like to see the ground shake under little van's footsteps she's big enough for it :)

  6. It would be awesome to see "little" Van grow a lot more. Both in height, chest, dominance, and continue to grow younger or that second puberty you mentioned earlier. Would be cool to see Tony looking up to her knee caps! Also to have Phoebe grow more too would be very good. She needs to be taking more control over Audrey. Keep up the great work!


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