Better than knowing is seeing: Cheap Tricks measurements!

If some of you were wondering about what I'm doing right now, well, I must tell you that I'm just taking care of real life. Still, I don't forget you guys and did something I should have done a lot of time ago: a rendered height chart, where you can check the measurements of every giantess and average guy in the story.

Of course Monalisa and Ronald are not there, but that was because I forgot them :(

As you can see, Marina is there, apparently looking the same, new mike was built from the original character elements and I couldn't make a render with better poses, but for the next one I can render a default measurement pose and an extra render with girls making sexy poses.

Also I've been doing some tests with the new/old light environment: seem pretty good but the rendering is taking too much time when I use some effects. better keep the old lighting until I get a faster computer.

That's it for now. Have a nice Halloween.


  1. very good !
    please keep going this series till we have a world of mini giantesses ;-)

    1. Yes sir, a world of mini giantesses on the way ;)

    2. Thank you ;-)
      please make all females on the earth became mini giantesses in both series and females height be at least double of men !

    3. Would also like to see another Tony's Nightmare sequence, maybe you could do one of Marina and have her end up being taller than everyone including Vanessa? Would be a good one I think :)

    4. Yep another nightmare wouldn't be bad. But I use go get ideas in the chapter I'm working with for a nightmare and, until now I had not an idea good enough for it.About growing Marina taller than Vanessa, man, she would need to be at least 30 feet tall... It is hard to handle girls that big, I mean, the tallest I did were Jessy in Crossover series and Vanessa in some pictures and they could crush anything... Let's see what I can do ;)

  2. I think that would be a fantastic way to show off the new Marina in all her glory eh? ;)

  3. Hey man when are you going to bring back melissa i really wanna see her grow and match phoebe or Audrey in height she is actually my favourite character plz try it.


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