No Update.


Sorry about what I said. 

I always try to do my best, but sometimes I do things without understand how business works.

Logistically, It is impossible to change all the files at once and restart all the downloads, it is so complicated that I would need to hire someone to do this... not possible now.

I'll tell you what is different: The copyright watermark to be sure that people know from where the story came from, and that I unified the color profile that in some stories was sRGB aind in others aRGB plus a small automatic contrast correction substituting those profiles. A fucking artist stuff that most of you wouldn't notice.

I'm sorry by all the buzz I did for nothing.


  1. I re-downloaded chapters 2-8 from GTS ARTISTS but no change at all

    1. I'll check with the site admin if there is any problem.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes. But wait until I talk to the site admin, seems that something went wrong and some old files still online.

    2. I can only download chapter 4 onwards. Sorry for my english, jeje

    3. if you can't download, don't worry, the update is mainly a color issue.

      You can ask later to the site admin, no problem, but for now wait until I check if the files are ok.

      Puedes hablar español si quieres, pero utiliza el inglés siempre que posible mismo que no esté correcto. La practica lleva a la perfección. Saludos

    4. thanks, i write in english, but i use google translate, jejje

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