I'm back! (Almost) Full speed ahead!

Whoa, man, this Cheap Tricks 3 - 4 was a hard task, but I'm getting back to my old shape and I improved a bit the script and finished the poses.

Remains the awaiting for the last 70 renders in queue and the comeback of my friend who can correct the story before it's final upload.

Talk to you again soon.


  1. Glad to hear that more "Cheap Tricks" is coming. Rock on, Bmtbtguy!

  2. so cheap tricks 4 with be on GTSartist.com? i am looking forward to it!

    1. It will be posted in gtsartists and in giantesscity :)

    2. I'm just awaiting for the corrections, the render is done.

    3. I cant wait :P so in like a day it is online?
      btw i love the valley series!

    4. Nah, I can't contact the corrector, he seems to be traveling or busy. Just awaiting.

    5. okay, can we get a sneak peak of what is comming? :)


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