Tales From Domina's Valley Chapter 8 released!

Now it is here lol

Tales from Domina's Valley 8 is finally released bringing the familiar issues from our girls into a new story.

In this chapter, our girls are going to fight for pure vanity and power. This issue come with some extra sequences, making the pictures number grow to 202 renders, but no change in the price

English Version - http://livethegiantessdream.blogspot.com.br/p/store.html#dv8
Spanish Version -#offline#
Portuguese Version - #offline#

There is also a cute movie I did to you guys have fun:


Sweet giantess dreams to you guys :)


  1. A few hours more to wait is not a problem :).... especially if u have to work xD :D

  2. Its online. I am downloading right now.

    Thank u bmtb for ur work :)

  3. great as usual and I hope to see a lift/carry story from your side

  4. wow great work, I hope to see a Marcella very tall and big and trying to seduce professor tyson

  5. I could buy your new Chapter 8, because the system does not support payment of my credit card. What can we do about it? PAYPAL work properly

    1. If you're talking about GTSartists Shop, it is closed for maintenance. But if you're talking about my shop, it accepts most credit cards, but it must feature the international payment feature if you're outside USA. Does your card has this feature? If not, you can ask them a card with this feature. Thanks for your message.

  6. I must wait for GTSArtists.com shop. Gumroad was try to help me but payment still dosen't work. Do you know when shop will be open?

    1. I'm not sure :(

      There are some improvements and payment solutions under negotiation there.

      Is paypal and CC your only payment method or do you have any other payment partner?


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