DV8 - The doubt

Once again, I finished with poses and another story is almost done.

I've decided already who is going to be the cover but some doubts are still in my mind: who is the star of this chapter?

All you guys know my love for Jessy and Giselle, but suddenly all the other girls seem to be more "interesting" this time, like happened to Veronica and Alice in the past chapter, like it will happen again. All the most important characters are in this chapter, about 200 pictures, and a lot of "sequences" if you can understand me.

Eden's debut is a victory, let's just say that she increased the story in about 30% of the plot, because she is the extra link I needed for the past of Mr. Gordon and his family, and, speaking of family, this is the name of this new chapter: Familiar Issues.

What would you wait for? Look, I love girls fighting. Not the normal punch kick fighting, no, the beauty and hotness fight. Brothers, sisters, cousins and even friends are going to get involved into some fresh problems here, to mess with the head of any guy... I know how this happens, girls use to make me crazy.

Anyway, we're never going to understand them, and we will always keep loving them, the crazy tall girls from Domina's Valley.

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  1. The more u can choose, the harder is the chose ;)

    This blogentry sounds great... All the most important characters are in this chapter, about 200 pictures, and a lot of "sequences".

    Great to see good news. Hope there arent so much things in ur way for the release of DV8 :)


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