They're so heavy...

Let's say welcome to the newest character of Tale From Domina's Valley: Eden, a girl heavily blessed by the nature!.

It was a hard task to bring this magnificent lady from my dreams to the 3D world by she same reason she is a tired girl, her giant breasts!

Before you ask me, no, she is not in DV7 and for many time I thought it was impossible to bring her to the story. Building big breasts on DS is quite easy when you got the right tools, but building a giant pair of boobs that needs to fit under a top, man that's coward.

The first tests with Eden were not made on my actual content but worked. But when I had to rebuild her to fit in a story with the new fixes (I often to rebuild characters in order to improve them), it just didn't work.

Days and days of tests and nothing... until today.

I've finally did it! Eden is alive. This cute redhead survived after 8 months of fighting against 3D programs and now I can keep the original story line of Tales From Domina's Valley. And this... this brings chapter 8 to the main line! I was afraid I had to cut this chapter and go back to something else.

Her stats and story you will find in the next chapters of Tales From Domina's Valley.

The only thing you will notice is that her breasts are much bigger than her head... poor girl!


  1. Great news!

    Hope u can work on the next chapters without any problems (with her and ur hardware) and i think when Giselle sees her the first time, she REALLY wants to GROW :D

    btw: Do u plan another chapter of the Crossover Serie? I know it says Crossover Series 1 but it also looks like the end at the last page. I love this serie too... like all of ur work... keep it up :)

    Your work is worth every cent!

    1. ^.^ I'm working on DV8 now, it will render slower but no problem. Giselle's focus is Tyson, not exactly on growing or any other girl. Anyway, next chapter you guys will know who Eden is.

      The Crossover Series has a 2nd pre script but I didn't work on it yet.

      Thanks for your support.

  2. Great to hear that u already working on chapter 8 but i know it will still take a loooong time till it is finish.... 15 hrs rendering per pic O.o

    Do u already rendering or are u at the skript right now?

    1. I'm on assemble stage, the final script depends of it. No 15 hours renders anymore because I resigned using surface lights, I went back to UE and DS native light sets and improved it: 45min-3hours renders like DV7, much better than DV6.

    2. That's true... it looks better.

      i am looking forward to ur work... u will do it :)

      btw: Tomorrow (German time) comes the newsletter... i am curious about ur magacine ^^

  3. Great magazine with Debra!

    I am curious about her in ct 3... well... i am curious about all of ur work ;)

    Do u think it is possible to get the magazine in jpeg? The growth sequence is better (for me) in jpeg... pic for pic^^

    1. I'm not sure, It would not be a magazine anymore. But who know later...

    2. Well... i must say... that is true xD

  4. Do you have an estimation on when CT will be continued?

    1. After DV8, of course, but for that my real life must give me a brake. I'm working a lot lately, and the researches are taking more time from me than the characters assembling. All I can assure you is that the script for CT 3-4 is 30% ready and that Debra's Magazine is part of that and took more time than it should. I'm sorry I can't give a estimation in days, weeks or months but, since in the next month we will have a lot of holidays here in Brazil it will be ready to render in november and posted about 1 week after that.

    2. Great to hear that u wanna bring Debra already in chapter 4 :)

      Sounds that the next 1 or 2 months could bring us something big ^^

      Dont work to hard bmtb... we wanna see more from u in years too and dont wanna hear that u are in a hospital ;)


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